What is the correct spelling for 21DAYS?

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Correct spellings for 21DAYS

  • dace I sat down beside him, and asked if he remembered a certain small boy who had used to draw dace out of his mill-pond.
  • dais Their attention was utterly, eagerly, fixed upon the stiff-moving prisoners now being marched up onto the dais .
  • daisy Fresh as a daisy , you are, old chap, and I'm done for, dead.
  • day It was not so in my day .
  • days We hear that General Lingard is staying with you for a few days .
  • daze Listening in a daze to the rest of his instructions, he seized them chiefly because they would ease the line he was to take with Bob.
  • dds DDS is an active member of buildingSMART.
  • dias Emperor Euphrates said quietly to Si'Wren, "Fear not, and see to it that henceforth you do not break your vow of silence, but only go and stand over there," he indicated the right-hand, far edge of his royal dias , which was about ten steps distant, "and tarry there until I bid you draw neigh unto me again."
  • dis Dis man he iss vider yet as Meester Craikmile's son, he iss got more chest like von goot horse-Oh, I know by men yust de same like horses vat iss der difference yet.
  • dos He knew that for the past three months Courtot had disappeared from his familiar haunts; these were La Casa Blanca, Jim Galloway's gambling-house in San Juan, and similar places in Tecolote, Big Run, Dos Hermanos and San Ramon.
  • doss Vere doss he come from?
  • hays The proctor and his men I made to renne their ways, And some went to hide them in broken hays .
  • mays "Out of ten mays ye'll give me the best," A little rain in the mill-water; A bed of yellow straw for all the rest, A bed of gold for the king's daughter.
  • ways A human being-and especially a woman-may be described in many ways .
  • Bays Large bays, blue glacial walls and prominent headlands give a pleasing variety.
  • Dies We shall go and he will remain here and again will endure the pangs of hunger until he dies.
  • Does Who does not know it?
  • Nays 3. Each house shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and from time to time publish the same, excepting such parts as may in their judgment require secrecy; and the yeas and nays of the members of either house on any question shall, at the desire of one fifth of those present, be entered on the journal.
  • Gays Ayate, Gays Ausonian and Oscan.
  • Tars Besides single combats between men armed in various fashions, there were tilts, tent-peggings, drilling and singlestick practice by squads of British tars, who were loudly cheered, and more boxing and vaulting by members of the club.
  • Toys All the books and pictures, even the chairs and tables, had belonged to him, or had reference to him; even the china dogs on the mantelpiece and the little shepherdesses with their sheep had been bought by him for a penny a piece from a man who used to stand with a tray of toys in Kensington High Street, as Katharine had often heard her mother tell.
  • jays That was because musicians and painters used to go round with long hair looking like jays .
  • pays The difference in the amount of interest on the grain received and that loaned pays the necessary expenses of storage and of sustaining the system.
  • dabs I say it's all very well for the old man to growl at me for fishing, but if I hadn't gone catching dabs and a little conger or two, I should have been starved.
  • says The time for this, says our Lord, is past.
  • dams And some of the beaver dams show wonderful skill.
  • duos The arias, duos , quartets, etc.
  • drays Four thousand drays are constantly moving with merchandise of all kinds.
  • dears I should feel a good deal worse, too, if the Franklin girls hadn't been such dears !
  • lays I was forgetting to add that, with respect to cholera, and indeed fever generally, that Dr. S. lays great stress upon what he calls the moral treatment of the people, amusing their minds by easily learned games and simple pleasures.
  • TASS No photos at all as yet and all news releases have come from Tass .
  • TTYS
  • DADS "Yes, dads," said Rachel, "do please come down carefully."
  • RAYS Stooping, as they worked, to strike low enough, the hot sun poured his fierce rays upon their shoulders and the backs of their necks.
  • FAYS Out she stepped and announced that she was the Queen of the Fays , whom I would remember meeting before in my last incarnation, in the same place.
  • DAGS Their offensive weapons were, a lance of uncommon length; a sword, either two-handed, or of the modern light size; sometimes a species of battle-axe, called a Jedburgh-staff; and, latterly, dags, or pistols.
  • DRYS When your Currants are ston'd and ty'd up in Bunches, take to a Pound of Currants a Pound and half of Sugar; to a Pound of Sugar put half a Pint of Water; boil your Syrup very well, and lay the Currants into the Syrup; set them on the Fire, let them just boil, take them off, and cover them close with a Paper; let them stand 'till the next Day, and then make them scalding hot; let them stand two or three Days with the Paper close to them; then lay them on earthen Plates, and sift them well with Sugar; put them into a Stove; the next Day lay them on Sieves, but not turn them 'till that Side drys, then turn them, and sift the other Side: When they are dry lay them between Papers.
  • DUES He may try to let his ground-and in many cases he does-but, as we see, he cannot often get enough rent to meet the dues.
  • TAUS You know we are all Phi Sigma Taus and it seems so strange to see you looking so stately and grown up.