What is the correct spelling for 240HOUR?

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Correct spellings for 240HOUR

  • chou Meanwhile the old woman was saying: "The family of Chou has sent me especially to talk to you about a marriage."
  • dour It's dour to bide waitin'.
  • four Beat together a pint of cream, four eggs, and four table-spoonfuls of powdered sugar.
  • ha But I will only take you out on the floor, my little Julie,-ha-ha-I know you, never fear-I will take you out on the floor, but on one condition.
  • hair In spite of his white hair he was not old.
  • he He said, I am he .
  • hear Can't you hear it?
  • heir For the moment these two, Richard Maule's heir and Richard Maule's wife, were on more cordial terms than they had been for years.
  • hi "Hi," exclaimed Roger joyfully as Jo disappeared; "isn't he a good chap!
  • hoard A smile from the General on a gala-day, when mounted on his charger, which he managed well to the last, or the lifting of his three-cornered hat on the sidewalk, was a trophy which the prettiest woman, maid or matron, would treasure away among the spolia opima of her hoard .
  • hoary The savage mob's dull glance of hate thou calmly balkedst, With thy great thoughts alone and silently thou walkedst; The people could not brook thy foreign-sounding name, Pursued thee with its yell, and piled thy head with shame, And by thy very hand though saved from ill and danger, Mock'd at thy sacred age-thou hoary -headed stranger!
  • hob If, he declares, Nature creates hard hearts, it is a power beyond hers which softens them; and in his version of "Halbert and Hob " this supernatural power completes the work it has begun.
  • hod "My people say-" a pause-"thank you-" another pause, "and ask for Zani and Mal and Hod ."
  • hog That we might not be disturbed in our sleep, I rose to let him out, and I found a hog and the door unlockt.
  • homer Ah, well you shall read Homer .
  • honor Aye, yer honor , 'deed that's thrue.
  • honour The words which rise naturally to the lips of men who think thus cannot fail to do Him honour , for out of the fulness of the heart the mouth speaketh.
  • hop And I couldn’t hop down-stairs if I was.
  • horn We tried bone, horn and ivory, but all proved ineffective.
  • hot Her hot tears fell on my face.
  • hour That hour is to come.
  • houri Then, with mock emotion: "Might I, dare I, ask you to give to my keeping, that incomparable maiden, that houri of houri s, your young and lovely sister-in-law, Miss Ellen Arthur?"
  • hourly One small breeze to chart, when his recording instruments gave hourly descriptions of the whole planet's climate.
  • hours And thus the long hours of the night passed away.
  • house We crossed Franklin street to Dr. Dunton's house .
  • hover He wished Tom would go back and hold the manual controls of the ship instead of letting it hover on automatic.
  • how That's how I see it.
  • hr 43 after the Packard Company had ground- and flight-tested this type of engine for approximately 338,000 hp hr , or about 1500 hr of operation.
  • hub Whatever the political settlement of Egypt may be, it is important that our air interests at this "hub" of Imperial aviation should be safeguarded.
  • hud I can hear him, plain-jurrr, jurrr; hud , hud , hud , hud , hud !
  • hue It too was golden in hue , and golden lights danced in the heart of it.
  • hug It was all right for her to be a trusting little dear and allow him the occasional kiss or hug .
  • hum You live your day and drain it; I weave my dream and lose it; But the red blood lost in me awakens still at times, At all your city's sky-line, At all your roaring market-place, At all its hum of power- And the poet dead within you stirs Still at the plaintive note or two Of a dreamer's plaintive song!
  • humour It had suited her far better to have to deal with a brilliant, beautiful, rather reckless woman, who was much away from home, and who always treated her with the courtesy and indifferent good-humour due to an equal, rather than with the type of great lady to whom she knew some of the other clergy's wives were in subjection.
  • hun I may be a fellow Hun and I may be an enemy, and he has got to make up his mind which.
  • hurl The mutineers, well aware that the guns would sweep the decks and hurl them in a moment into eternity, stopped short.
  • hurt But Carl did not hurt his head a bit.
  • hus Your hus -your ex-husband says he knows of a secret door opening into this part of the-" She sprang to her feet with a sharp cry of alarm.
  • hut I loved both, and yet I had such trouble with 'em last week I made 'em go home to their father's hut .
  • lour Alas, thy goodliest attainments here, Though like the fairest blossoms they appear, How quickly will they lour and decay, And be as if they all were fled away, When once the east-wind of temptations beat Upon thee, with their dry and blasting heat!
  • or For a minute or so there was silence.
  • pour Here his friends surrounded him and tried to pour words of sympathy into his ears.
  • sour I went to Maverick most two weeks ago when my stomach was sour , and he gives me a bottle for a dollar.
  • thor In Linapi the meaning is Turtle or Tortoise, names derived from Thor turtle in Hebrew.
  • thou And he answered, No. They said therefore unto him, Who art thou ?
  • tour After my return from the western lecture tour , Dunkle seemed to be always around, and at every opportunity spoke to me.
  • ur And he said unto him, "I am the Lord who brought thee out of Ur of the Chaldees, to give thee this land to inherit it."
  • H T' h-l wi' H ughie!
  • Her Her keen old eyes behind their shining glasses dwelt triumphantly on the girl's changing colour.
  • Our He and-and Mrs. Maule"-he brought out her name with an effort-"have both been most kind to me, though our acquaintance has been short."
  • Your Your train's in, sir.
  • Hugh Hugh Horry, at the head of Marion's advance.
  • Huey Up home you had Huey Long and some others I mustn't name out loud do about the same thing, so you see, we are pretty much .
  • Hui Meal or Cassave, Hui .
  • HON We'll have ther bloomin' sail fast, an' down hon deck again before they're started.
  • HOS This was one of the brightest mornings, and you know what a hunt is on the rocks when the sun shines bright, and the rocks look whiter against a blue sky, and men and horses and hounds place themselves in the most picturesque positions, and horns and tally-hos echo all round, and everybody, except the fox, is in spirits.
  • THUR They've mezyured the time it'll take 'em to git thur-an hour or so arter sundown.
  • HOV She feasts her young with blood; and, hov'ring o'er Th' unslaughter'd host, enjoys the promis'd gore.
  • HUH The boys picked up their coats, and put them on, and the man muttered, his eyes opening wider every moment: Huh !
  • hoers There are turnip-hoers and turnip-hoers, just as there are painters and painters.
  • accroaching
  • affiancings
  • afterparts

26 words made from the letters 240HOUR

  • 3 letter words made from 240HOUR:

    024, 042, 0h4, 0ur, 204, 20h, 240, 24h, 402, 420, 4hr, h2o, r20, r2u, r40, rh2, rho, u20, u2o, uro.
  • 4 letter words made from 240HOUR:

    24hr, 2h4u, hour, huor, rohu, uroh.