What is the correct spelling for 25MAN?

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Correct spellings for 25MAN

  • an "No, no, it isn't that," she went on, and again came to an end.
  • can "Well, now you can.
  • han Youse growed real han'some, only you want some red cheeks.
  • jan Jane asked me to do so in her last letter.
  • lan They are distinguished by the following prefixes and others of less common occurrence: Caer-, fort, Lan-, church, Pen-, hill, Pol-, pool, Ros-, heath, Tre-, settlement, e.
  • ma Your Ma didn't see."
  • mac "That's Mac, all right," he said.
  • main Sure you two boys didn't see anyone coming down from the main?
  • maine "If you are willing to forget, Arthur, we shall go up to that lodge in Maine.
  • mam "Bedad, Mam," I says to her, "if the General knew all the rabbits I snared on him, and all the salmon I snatched on him, and all the cows I milked on him, he'd think me the finest ornament for the county jail he ever sent there for poaching."
  • man Would a man have that had done so?
  • mane But he felt the steady, strong little hands in his mane and he plunged on again, through the smoke and out into the good air.
  • mania At the time this history begins the particular mania that afflicted me was the collecting of tramcar tickets.
  • mann In 1780 Sir Horace Mann reports upon the "cruel and indecent behaviour" of which Mme.
  • manna They believed that the manna came from heaven.
  • manor But if to Cornelia Moran he is married, when his father goes to England, then here he will stay; he will live at Hyde Manor, and I shall go to see him, and he will call here to see me;-and then, many good days came into my thoughts.
  • many Nothing can please me more than the thought that Marjorie has so many friends.
  • mao He dances like Mao the Peacock.
  • mar When the time came for the balloon to go up Leo and Mart entered the basket.
  • maw The time of night helped him, for there were few soldiers about that might recognize him, and what few patches of light were thrown out from windows and doors were quickly swallowed by the black maw of darkness.
  • may May I come out tomorrow night?
  • mean I mean what I say, too.
  • meany But somehow they would not rub out, and she showed the picture to Woodford, who began to count on his outspread fingers, "Eaney, meany, miny mo."
  • men "They are your men, too.
  • menu Nancy's roommate had found a carefully-written menu.
  • mien She apparently was in a better frame of mind, as after a while she addressed Stas with quite a lively mien.
  • min "Maybe so," said Min.
  • mine She was engaged to be married to an old friend of mine; a much better fellow, I'll be bound!
  • ming Suddenly one of the Eskimos cried out in a joyous tone: "Ah-ming-ma!
  • mini These are the Black Hills of Dakota, as we see them from the breaks of the Mini Pusa, a long day's march to the west.
  • mn Mn removes part of the extra O, and, though it remains, does not injure the metal.
  • moan Suddenly he trembled and consciousness returned to him for a moment, for hard by murmured the quiet whisper of Nell, resembling a moan: "Stas-water!"
  • mon "Mon enfant," said the old man, unfolding the document, "in a previous will your aunt had left you a little heritage out of the half of her fortune which she was free to dispose of by the code.
  • mona She lived in a little street in Westminster in a tiny house that had her children on the top floor, a beautiful copy of the Mona Lisa and a very untidy writing-table on the second, and a little round hall and a tiny dining-room on the ground floor.
  • mono In this fight he displayed such valour that he was unanimously pronounced to be mad by his crew, and was in great danger of losing his rank after a specialist in insanity, who had been called in, was on the point of publicly confirming popular opinion by declaring he was suffering from suicidal mono-mania of a novel kind.
  • moon It may have been the moon, now I come to think about it.
  • morn And all the bells on earth did ring, On earth did ring, on earth did ring; "Welcome be thou Heaven's King, On Christ's Sunday at morn."
  • myna This year he writes to me:-The Grey-headed Myna breeds about Mongphoo, laying in May and June.
  • nan I'm afraid not, Nan.
  • oman I believe that this map, the only doubtful features of which are the angular formation of the English Archers and the concentration of the French rear upon the Roman road, is from the pencil of Mr Oman.
  • Dan Crimmins has a heart, and it's Dan Crimmins' way.
  • Kan But as the weeks were composed of 13 numbers, there were in each week three revolutions of the four initials and one initial more, by this excess of one causing each initial to have its own week: thus the indiction, or week, which began with Kan concluded also with the same Kan; so that the next indiction might commence with Muluc, the second initial, and in its turn conclude with the same Muluc; and so on continually, until each one of the initials had formed its own indiction, or week, and given to it its name; the whole composing 52 years, which is the sum of the four weeks of 13 years each, as may be seen in the following table.
  • Mun "You dare to call mun thafe.
  • Ian Before that, Skag had only heard that Ian was one of the best-loved of all.
  • Mai Mai, 1903. With a superb illustration in colour.
  • Mae And in the two rooms that we had there was Papa, Mama, Susie, Dode, Earl, Joel, Albert, Ollie Mae, William Robert, and me-ten of us.
  • Maj Towards the conclusion of this year, Maj.
  • Marne At the Battle of the Marne, when his corps was hard pressed at a critical salient, he telegraphed Joffre: My left flank has been driven in.
  • Mani 43. Do-mani stone, i.
  • MINN Foremost among recent translators of Danish hymns are J. C. Aaberg, pastor of St. Peter's Danish Lutheran church, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • MANS There was great wealth in the House of Godwin; that wealth mans the ships of England.