What is the correct spelling for 27A?

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Correct spellings for 27A

  • aa If the determinist should rejoin that a causal sequence of some kind is all that he demands-that the Will is equally proved to be unfree, whether it be bound by the causal sequence a, b, c, d, or by the causal sequence Aa , Bb, Cc, Dd-I answer that this is a point which we have to consider by-and-by.
  • ab 5, 'Nec aliter, quam si mihi tradatur educandus orator, studia eius formare ab infantia incipiam.
  • ac See Lycosthenes, Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicon 113. 228 etc.
  • ai Probably this might be a Marai or altar, where this sort of offering was made; or it might have been the whim of some person to have buried his favourite dog in this manner.
  • ak As of July 1944, the Bureau of Information and Propaganda ZWZ–AK included:Secretary – Irena Piasecka pseudonym "Elżbieta", "Kreska" Department of Finance – Maria Wielhorska-Szpręglewska pseudonym "Maska" Department of Post – name unknown pseudonym "Anna"
  • al Asrael knew Khaled, who was one of the genii converted to the faith on hearing Mohammed read the Koran by night in the valley Al Nakhlah.
  • ar D-d-does it w-work ar -r-round?
  • au Au revoir, Celeste, ma charmante; adieu.
  • ba A man could play draughts with his ba somewhat as we play solitaire.
  • ca b. The combination Ca -, rather than Ch-, in such names as Ca rl-ton rather than Charl-ton.
  • da I am as sure that heav'n is mine As though my vi-sion could de-fine Or pen-cil draw the boun-da-ry line Where love and truth shall con-quer.
  • ea In nomine, et virtute Dei, Omnipotentis, Patris, et Filij, et Spiritus sancti, Beatissimae Domini nostri Jesu Christi Genetricis Mariae, Authoritateque Beatorum Apostolorum, Petri et Pauli, necnon ea qua fungimur in hac parte, praedictos Bronchos, et Erucas, et animalia praedicta quocunque nomine censeantur, monemus in his scriptis, sub poenis Maledictionis, ac Anathematisationis, vt infra sex dies, a Monitione in vim sententiae huius, a vineis, et territoriis huius loci discedant, nullum vlterius ibidem, nec alibi documentum, praestitura, quod si infra praedictos dies, iam dicta animalia, huic nostrae admonitioni non paruerint, cum effectu.
  • fa "Shame fa ' your jesting, my lord!" quo' Dickie, "For nae sic jesting grees wi' me; Liddesdale's been in my house last night, And they hae awa my three kye frae me.
  • ga Ch., for Freight, 2.50; Helping Hand Soc., 1, for Student Aid, McIntosh, Ga . ...3.50
  • ha Look, there goes the donkey, lady to right and left, all ears for him-ha!
  • ia Persons who wish to visit Indianopolis will stop at Madison, Ia ., and take the stage conveyance.
  • la And Butscha suddenly appeared and looked at La Briere.
  • ma Pa Duke was a hard-working farmer, Ma Duke was likewise a hard-working farmer's wife, and Will Duke should have been a hard-working farmer's boy, but he was somewhat a failure, especially regarding the hard work part.
  • na I was na sure.
  • ra Khitasir commenced the fight by a flank movement to the left, which brought him into collision with the extreme Egyptian right, "the brigade of Ra ," as it was called, and enabled him to engage that division separately.
  • sa Sa-nekht's tomb is similar.
  • ta When Malcolm came to Mrs Catanach's assertion that she knew more of him than he did himself- Then she peliefs ta voman does, my poy.
  • va J. B. Smith, 5 W. Va .
  • wa Though we passed close by, the ibis seemed in no wa y disposed to move, but continued shouting "Wa-wa-wa."
  • Ah "Ah, that's just the point.
  • Ya What-ta ya say, sport?
  • AF Switch" was written by Azalea, Anton Hård af Segerstad, Akil King, Christopher Martin, Georgia Ku, Kyle Owens and Maurice "Verse" Simmonds.
  • AP The connecting link between these variously-named relations was one Nesta, princess of South Wales, daughter of a Welsh king, Rice ap Tudor, a heroine whose adventures are of a sufficiently striking, not to say startling, character.
  • AW Aw, Will Freman, an't yu bright!
  • AM I am king, then!
  • unamazing