What is the correct spelling for 2A?

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Correct spellings for 2A

  • aa Naha ke aa o ka upena, Ka hala i ka ulua.
  • ab The man who cried of the theft at Chicago would never submit to the verdict on November 5, however honest it may be; he would again yell robbery, and if he carried a solid west as was then expected, he would give way to his fighting nature and try to take the presidency on the battlefield and so invite civil war, yet, Ab .
  • ac 1863 B.C. 154, 'Pacuvius Brundusinus tragoediarum scriptor clarus habetur, Ennii poetae ex filia nepos, vixitque Romae quoad picturam exercuit ac fabulas venditavit, deinde Tarentum transgressus prope nonagenarius diem obiit.
  • ai Norah alone had an idea that they were not far from their original camping-place; an idea which was confirmed when a long "Ai-i-i!"
  • ak The stowy, continued Flo, is all 'bout Doan of Ak , who was bu'nt by some naughty men, long, long ago!
  • al Well, Al , my engagement is broken off.
  • ar What she said sounded to Alice like "Cut-cut-cad-ar-cut, cadarcut, cadarcut," but Peggy said she was talking a foreign language.
  • au But having mentioned my imminent departure from England on private and urgent business, and added that, though I had been anxious to see Lady Tressidy and Miss Cunningham for the sake of bidding good-bye, it would be, more strictly speaking, only au revoir, as I intended returning within the next four weeks, I could think of nothing more to say.
  • av As Oi was sayin', Misther Chairman, Oi'll not waste the time av this meetin' wid discribin' the conduct av a beast so vile that he must be the contempt av every honest man.
  • ba The man who ought to have been a professor made a tremendous effort to articulate distinctly- "My dear fellow, don't-don't you see that the ba -bare fac-the fact of your existence is off-offensive.
  • ca As guilty as Ca -!"
  • da The glass was supplied by Giovanni da Udine in 1567 and 1568. The subjects are heraldic.
  • ea The two sundry soundings of ea 2 and 3 do not go by our spelling ea for both, but have come from ea rlier forms of the words.
  • fa Petrarch says,- 'Amor che fa gentile un cor villano'.
  • ga If I say that ka and ga are allied, the alliance is manifest; since I compare the actual sounds.
  • ha Ha, you recognize it?
  • ia "Come here, Julia," he exclaimed.
  • la La Corrini had been saying something to her....
  • ma She is a great deal like Ma , only she has more nerve in speaking out.
  • na E-tuk-i-shook said: "Go and take the tears from An-na-do-a's eyes; tell her that I am alive and well and will come to take her soon.
  • ra Ra created him "a beautiful light to show the name of his evil enemy."
  • sa She told them that she was Aim-sa, which is the Moosefoot for "Blue-Sky"; and that she was the White Squaw, the queen of her people.
  • ta At night, however, tia Marta said joyfully, "I got wash to-morrow!"
  • va We are going to the eastern shore of Va .
  • wa During these marches, ever since quitting Ugunda, a favourite topic at the camp-fires were the Wa -Ruga-Ruga, and their atrocities, and a possible encounter that we might have with these bold rovers of the forest.
  • Ah Ah, it is good to see you again, after so long!
  • Ya Chvabrine had described Marya, the Commandant's daughter, to me as being rather silly.
  • AF There was no sense of companionship for either in the other; she had been unable to break through his perfunctory, almost formal, manner with her; therefore, because he encouraged no af-fection in her, she felt none, and wondered why, since he was her father.
  • AP "She is the daughter of Sir Iltyd-ap-Penrhyn," said Hollington, craning his neck to catch a last glimpse of the disappearing beauty.
  • AW "Me an' Verman aw ready begin 'at beatin'," Herman suggested.
  • AM Tell them what I am.
  • unamazing