What is the correct spelling for 30MIN?

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Correct spellings for 30MIN

  • bin They were servants of Suleiman-bin-Daoud's magic ring, and they changed about every day. Down in the bargain bin You put the passion out Under the pressure pin Down into submission – Pump It Up by mudhoney
  • din The din of battle was almost bewildering. Brandish the weapon, Sound out the din We feeling red now - time to move in – We Have Joy by killing joke
  • fin Fin and his men lived pleasantly and joyously for some time; and if they didn't, may we. opposing thumb, dorsal fin that monkey died for my grin – Lotus by r.e.m.
  • gin What will you have-brandy, gin , or rum? Get your pig feet, beer an' gin, There's plenty in the kitchen. Who is that that just came in? Just look at the way he's switchin'. – The Joint Is Jumpin' by Unknown Author
  • in No, to go on in this way is impossible. Nor has the darkness power to usher in Fear to those sheets that know no sin. – A COUNTRY LIFE:TO HIS BROTHER, MR THOMAS HERRICK by Robert Herrick
  • kin He had a wife that was near of kin to him, who had been married first to Hipponicus, by whom she had Callias, surnamed the Rich; and also she brought Pericles, while she lived with him, two sons, Xanthippus and Paralus. O 'tis none of our kith and none of our kin, (Her soul may our Lady assoil from sin!) – Ballade De Marguerite by Oscar Wilde
  • lin Picking it up he read the name Lin Soo written in pencil in large letters.
  • main That was the main point.
  • maine I wisht I was back in Maine !
  • man "I came up here to fight a man .
  • mane Then down the road, with mud besprent, And drenched with rain from head to hoof, The rain-drops dripping from his mane And tail as from a pent-house roof, A jaded horse, his head down bent, Passed slowly, limping as he went.
  • mann If she glanced across quickly, Miss Rae's eyes were invariably fixed on her and Norman Mann would be gazing in the opposite direction in the most suspicious mann er.
  • many Rambach wrote many splendid hymns, among them the confirmation hymn, "Baptized into Thy Name most holy."
  • mean His stubby fingers rested caressingly on the little silver plate between the handle-bars, on which was engraved the motto that had come to mean so much: "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much."
  • men But the French Marshal cleverly withdrew his corps, leaving only enough men to impose on that unenterprising leader.
  • menu Toye took the breakfast menu and placed it face downward on the tablecloth.
  • mi Oh come, mi capitan, find a better one!"
  • mid The Earl, flushed with the success of Hohenlo, already believed himself master of the country, and assured his government, that, if he should be reasonably well supplied, he would have Antwerp back again and Bruges besides before mid June.
  • mien Therefore I wondered-I could not but wonder-that if he, too, felt happy, there should be in his look and mien so few of the tokens of joy- for, surely, joy never wore that flushed aspect and troubled glance.
  • mil Ay en esta tierra Brujos y echiceros aunqe Ay tambien buenos medicos qe curan con yeruas simples, especialmente contra qualquier Genero de poncona, porqe ay muy admirables contra yeruas, son los naturales desta ysla muy agoreros de suerte qe por ninguna Via ningun natural se embarcaua en nauio donde fuese cabra o mono porqe decian qe se auian de perder y desta muerte tienen otras mil abusiones, agora pocos anos a ay entre ellos Vna hechicera la qual dicen qe la ynuentaron los naturales de ybalon despues de qe los espanoles estamos aqui y es que ynuocan ciertos demonios que llaman naguined y arapayan, y macbarubac y con Aceyte de cocos y Vn colmillo de cayman sobre qe hacen sus sacrificios ynvocando los demonios y este aceyte venden vnos a otros, y quando lo Venden; hacen tambien sus sacrificios ynvocando al demonio pidiendole qe la virtud qe tiene se la traspase en aquel que se la compra y dicen qe con solo que le digan qe se muera Dentro de tanto tiempo se muere luego, si no le curan con otro aceyte qe Ay contra este y esta hechiceria a hecho mucho dano entre los pintados porqe El demonio hace de las suyas, los Religiosos an procurado El Remedio desto con quitar les los aceytes y castigarlos-
  • min 69.0 82.5 90.0 76.0 Min .
  • mind Silently all these thoughts ripened in his mind , till at last the change came.
  • mine Be her friend, George, and mine .
  • miner Peter Rabbit had hardly time for half a dozen long breaths before Miner the Mole had disappeared.
  • ming Ming-up has but one child living: Win-bill, male, a Ballar-oke.
  • mingy
  • mini
  • mink
  • minor
  • mint
  • mit "Mein Gott, but I am vurnished mit der abbetite already.
  • mn
  • moan
  • mon
  • mona
  • mono
  • moon
  • morn
  • myna
  • pin
  • sin
  • tin
  • Mir
  • Mun She began at Russ, and went to Rose, to Violet, to Laddie, and to Margy, and then Mrs. Bunker suddenly cried: "Why, you're not Mun Bun!
  • Mia Yet as the veiled sacrifice went to mount the litter, one brown-eyed rascal from an upper window, holding a towel over her neck, shrilled out in homely patois, "A vederti, 'Polita mia!"
  • Mani Mani, however, rises above the rest, and, compared with the profound obscurity or the dim twilight in which other places are enveloped, its history is plainly written.
  • MIC Spores globose, very minutely warted, violaceous, 10-12 mic.
  • MIG Signor Antonio, mangen en gang og tit har paa Rialto torv I skjaeldt mig ud for mine pengelaan og mine renter....
  • MINN

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    30n, 3in, i30, m30, min, nim.
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