What is the correct spelling for 31ST?

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Correct spellings for 31ST

  • at No, sir-at least, yes, sir.
  • cst Two categories include Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) for fulfilling heat requirements in industries, and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) when the heat collected is used for power generation.
  • ct Believe you me derie, the Boches are running faster than the color in a 19 ct .
  • est I gather that its purport is that the Burmans under our rule are really going forward, and that our organisations, hospitals, and factories in Rangoon are proofs of this, though they appear, at the first glance, to be the opposite and that "toute est pour le mieux...."
  • mst The method here described for the delineation of nature is opposed to that which mst be pursued in establishing conclusive results.
  • pst Her elbow to Nonna's ribs, Nonna's "Pst!"
  • sa Je ne doute pas que si il plaist a sa Stete de masister en ce deseing de remestre les catoliques en repos et de porter le Roy Monseigneur a leur faire plus de grases que jamais.
  • sat They sat down and waited.
  • sd No abbreviations are allowed in a note to a friend, as, "Sd be glad to see you;" one must write out, "I should be glad to see you."
  • se "Ebenin', Marse Glen'n'" She greeted him a little stiffly.
  • set She was trying to set Peter at his ease.
  • si No, Jo-si-ah, I don't believe he's a bad one under all his sham and fuss.
  • sit Sit down and take it easy.
  • so It is so with us.
  • sot Gad forgive me for a Sot ; Faith I han't minded it.
  • ss 43.-In the absence of any person qualified under ss .
  • sty We built around the hope a sty and placed it against the end of the cabin.
  • sw Yes'm, I'se got sw -e-et straw-ber'ies des f'om de coun-try!"
  • S What then was the motive of Christ's miracles?
  • T You don't mean to say he's dead already?
  • Yt The following are a few items:- 1589. Imprimis to Mr. Trafforde, his man, the bearewarde 0 4 4 That was given Sir John Hollecrofts bearewarde 0 2 0 1591. Payd yt was given Shelmerdyne ye bearewarde at wakes 0 2 0 1597. Payd that was given to Mr. Haughton, of Haughton, towards his man that had beares here 0 5 0 1610. Kelsall bearward 0 5 0 To the players and bearewarde at the wakes 0 15 0 1611. Bullward and bearward at wakes 0 15 0 1612. William Hardern to fetch Shelmadene again with his bears at Whitsuntide 0 1 3 He refused to come, and Bramt, the bearward, came and was paid 0 6 8 Fetching the bears at the wakes 0 3 6 Fetching two more bears 1s.
  • Stu I have these bodings too; but whether caught from You, or prompted by my good or evil genius, I know not-The trial shall determine-And yet, my wife- Stu .
  • DST M.L. is "my love," D.L. is "dear love," M.D. is "my dear," and M. Dst .
  • ST This is partly explained by the fact that the road was built simply to connect Moscow and St . Petersburg, as already explained.
  • STD STD Framework for PowerBuilder - A Free object oriented development framework for PowerBuilder Classic, Web Services, Appeon PowerServer Web and Mobile.
  • HST GSC – GS Custom Turned copper bulletHBWC – Hollow base wadcutterHC – Hard castHE-IT – High explosive incendiary tracerHFN – Hard cast flat noseHP – Hollow pointHPBT – Hollow point boat tailHPCB – Heavy plate concave baseHPJ – High performance jacketedHS –
  • HT But in his van the beaten showman bowed His head upon his hands, and wept, not knowing Aught of what passed except that wind was blowing.
  • SGT D. Cox, Q.M. Sgt .
  • SST I open my eyes a little way; it is his face: "Sst!"
  • STA The vicar at this time was Johannes de Sta .
  • TS But look at the ts and the rs, and the capital P; in fact, look at all the letters.
  • ET He et mos' he feed, 'n' he 'peared right glad to see me.
  • STE It had been a great blessing to get the two eldest girls, Louise and Caroline, educated, housed for a time, and momentarily settled in the world by their admission to the rich and noble chapter of Ste .
  • WT 852 x R. P. M. of Front Roll x Wt .

4 words made from the letters 31ST

  • 3 letter words made from 31ST:

    1st, 31s, t13.
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