What is the correct spelling for 3MEN?

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Correct spellings for 3MEN

  • amen A second knock, louder than the first, sounded, and with it the woman's solemn "Amen."
  • ben 10. 1774 De Ben .
  • den The world went on very well without Jack, and only two or three hearts ached, really ached, at his absence-Len, honest Len, in his den in Spider Court; Lady Bell, in Park Lane; and that other tender, loving, and tortured heart in the old new house at Hurst.
  • e'en She never naps-not e'en for forty winks!
  • en The emergency wheel clapped on, we were soon en route again.
  • fen And the heron, the Shuh-shuh-gah, From her haunts among the fen -lands, Screamed, "Farewell, O Hiawatha!"
  • gen Moultrie broke up his camp at Black Swamp, he wrote to Gen .
  • hen Color band the hen on the left leg, who usually sits in the morning till around 11 o'clock.
  • ken Take that and my slate, and I ken figer it up in a minnit.
  • man "But I know you are a man !
  • me Don't ask me , sir!
  • mean I know what they mean .
  • med Oi'd the honor of a mornin' with an influential Med , And he took me to the room in which they mutilate the dead.
  • meg Her Queen Katherine was a failure, and she could not play the part of a refined woman, but into that of Meg Merrilies, an adaptation of her own of Sir Walter Scott's novel, she put her whole nature-it was her very self as far as she would let herself be seen.
  • men And both men sat down.
  • mend They break nearly as much as they mend .
  • menu Thereupon each person, after possessing him or herself of a tray and the required silver and scanning the menu posted, passed on and pretended to select from the counter.
  • mew At last she grew warm with the work and thirsty, so she stood still, lifted up her head and cried, Mew .
  • mien Or would she endure that frightful mien until she could first pity, then embrace?
  • min In the end, howsomever, he had to marry Min .
  • mn Chronic manganese (Mn) exposure has been shown to produce a parkinsonism-like illness characterized by movement abnormalities.
  • mon Then put your arms around my neck, mon brave, and I will lift you up.
  • omen I don't like to see it, Archie; it's sort of like what they call an omen .
  • pen She watched the Superintendent's pen , though she could not read writing very well.
  • sen And Samuel took a stone, and laid it between Masphath and Sen : and he called the place The stone of help.
  • ten Then you can have what you want, five thousand, ten thousand .
  • wen Instead of going on to the Wen along the turnpike road through Sevenoaks, I turned to my left when I got about a mile out of Tonbridge, in order to come along that tract of country called the Weald of Kent; that is to say, the solid clays, which have no bottom, which are unmixed with chalk, sand, stone, or anything else; the country of dirty roads and of oak trees.
  • yen Lastly, the Chronicle reports the Governor-General of Formosa as fixing a term of three years for the suppression of the bravest and fiercest tribe of all, numbering 50,000, at a cost of 17,000,000 yen .
  • zen Zen my fader tink he have not fine ze door, and he go vay roun ze house, and tink he have fine ze door dare; and he strike, and he pound, and all ze time he say loud ze vicked vords.
  • Met His eyes met mine.
  • Mun I needed no Recommendation mun, for when I came they were all as well acquainted with me- I never saw them before; but by the way, they are all no wiser than they should be, except your Sister, who is the pretty'st loving, sweet Rogue- Alon.
  • Mel He pushed the canoe into the brook, helped Mel to a seat in the bow and shoved off. In some places the stream was only a few feet wide, but there was enough room and water for the light craft and it went skimming along.
  • Len "Len Roberts certainly told the truth," he thought.
  • MEX Th' Mex wanted to know if th' Old Man meant what he said 'bout talkin' up to th' law.

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