What is the correct spelling for 40HRS?

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Correct spellings for 40HRS

  • harass He could harass , but he did not himself stand harass ing very well; and here he was not merely the object of attacks from all sides, but was most uneasily conscious that, in some cases at least, he did not wish his enemies to destroy each other.
  • hare Is it really as serious as that, Mr. Hare ?
  • harris Did you see the little Harris girl?
  • hays And so our Irishmen gave vent to their joy, and with whistling and singing the men stowed away their helmets and full-dress uniforms, their handsome belts and equipments, and lovingly reproduced the old Arizona slouch hats and "thimble belts," and the next evening our Fort Hays command, in two special trains, was speeding westward as fast as the Kansas Pacific could carry us.
  • hera Hêbê is the daughter of Zeus and Hera and is shown doing her cup-bearer duties in Homers Iliad: "The gods were seated near to Zeus in council, upon a golden floor.
  • heresy The Catholics were struggling to extirpate what they deemed ruinous heresy from the kingdom.
  • herr Penurot has a business friend in Antwerp, as the Herr major has rightly guessed.
  • hess Charlemagne sleeps in the Odenberg in Hess , or in the Untersberg near Salzburg, seated on his throne, with his crown on his head and his sword at his side, waiting till the times of Antichrist are fulfilled, when he will wake and burst forth to avenge the blood of the saints.
  • hiss
  • horse
  • horus
  • hours
  • hr
  • hus
  • res
  • Has He has given me up."
  • Heroes These girls at St. Mary's read poetry, and had dreams of heroes, in the form of football players.
  • Hers Their eyes met, and the wonder suddenly left hers.
  • Hires
  • His
  • Houris
  • HHS
  • Chris Chris made a sort of rush at him with an angry yell.
  • Hairs Oh, how happy I was," he continued, "when I took her in my arms a little baby, and knew she was mine and Nancy's, and thought what a comfort she'd be to me; but George, I tell you what," said he, as he placed one hand on Dr. Lacey's arm and passed the other through the grizzled locks which lay around his brow, "I tell you what, these gray hairs come a heap too soon, and all for her, for her.
  • hurts
  • horns
  • harms Pastor Harms never talked stuff.
  • herbs They shall burn herbs and discern it.
  • hares They not only threw down the trees, but an immense number of birds, hares , and other animals were killed.
  • harps Evening, they say, is the time when the sirens appear, and I saw them between the waves-so great was my eagerness that once I thought I could discern them amid the foam, busy in their divine sports, I distinctly heard their songs, songs of liberty, and I made out the sounds of their silvery harps .
  • hoes
  • hears My wife before I come out telling me the ill news that she hears that her father is very ill, and then I told her I feared of the plague, for that the house is shut up.
  • hurls
  • herds I kep a-thinkin' of this, and finally I tackled Elnathan about it, and he laughed, Elnathan did, and begun to talk about the swarms and herds of useless and criminal humanity a-cumberin' the ground, and he threw a lot of statisticks at me.
  • hues
  • heirs But then their property could go to their heirs .
  • HTS
  • RS
  • HMS
  • HRH
  • HS
  • HRS
  • HaaS His agent, Stephen Haas , worked to convince Oregon Track Club to invite Blankenship to train professionally in Eugene, and eventually Blankenship accepted the offer.
  • RSI
  • HOS
  • HES If Hes the goddess never ruled on earth, still pitying Nature rules.
  • YRS
  • HARTS They belong to the Bechuana family, and live more in the northern part of Griqualand West, near the Harts river, as all the lower parts are occupied by English, Dutch, and others in farms, allowing small native kraals to remain on them, that the occupiers may have the use of their labour when required, and they are allowed a piece of ground to cultivate and grazing for their cattle.
  • HEWS
  • HIES
  • hoers
  • harks Perch harks back to the Latin perca, and the Romans had it from the Greeks, among whom it meant spotted.
  • unnoteworthy
  • unfixedly
  • uncomplicate

8 words made from the letters 40HRS

  • 3 letter words made from 40HRS:

    0h4, 40s, 4hr, 4rs, r40, rs4, s40.
  • 4 letter words made from 40HRS: