What is the correct spelling for 45O?

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Correct spellings for 45O

  • a finishes
  • a gogo
  • a thou-shalt-nots
  • a way with
  • a way withs
  • a whale a
  • a whale of a
  • BO Neptune on the contrary was all the fresher for his half-holiday, and was trotting out tiny white ponies all over his fields, who played bo-peep with each other in and out of the valleys of the plough-land.
  • co In order to save a good deal of that trouble, the North Sea Fishing Co.
  • DO Please don't do that, Athena.
  • go Why does she not go?
  • io As soon as they had left the racetrack and were well out on the highway, the driver said: "You want to call in, Mario?
  • Jo Bently in Covent Garden, Jo.
  • ko My-ah, Ang-ad-loo and I-o-ko-ti were accepted as permanent members of my party.
  • Lo To find the new or Lo.
  • mo All do ma bess-de bess can do no mo.
  • O's He had a sister's son o's ain, Was large of blood and bane; And afterward, when he came up, Young Edward hight his name.
  • ob Dat comes ob bein' civilized.
  • Oe The few oe ligatures have not been retained in this version.
  • Of You think well of the man?
  • oh "Oh, you do, do you?
  • OI One of the best Donski brands is that of Abrahamof, and as much as six roubles per bottle is demanded for the finer qualities at Novoi Tscherkash.
  • OJ Oj-ke San Juan Pueblo, N. M. O-ye-tza White Ice.
  • Om To make up for something given or suffered,-perhaps that was what a Rec-om-pense was.
  • on If he can't get on with me, he can get out."
  • OP "Me a co-op," agreed Roger cheerfully, while the Ethels sat silently on the steps and thought about it.
  • or I don't know just what it is, or how to say it.
  • os Beginning in 1484 Peter van Os printed numerous illustrated books at Zwolle, few of which attain excellence.
  • Ot It is evident that French publishers were waking up to new possibilities and sending their artists to foreign models, as a Perceforest printed for Gilles Gourmont in 1531 and a Meliadus de Leonnoys for Denis Janot in 1532, have both of them elaborate title borders in the style which the Holbeins had made popular at Basel.
  • OW Her appearance alarmed both the children, who fancied she, also, was about to faint as Moses had done, yet she did not fall nor did her gaze waver; and impelled by its sternness to make reply, Monty finally stammered: "H-h-h-hay-m-m-ow."
  • Oz It takes 6 oz.
  • so It is not so.
  • YO Dwellers of Yin; dwellers of Chung-yo; of Wei, Shan-ta, Feng, the Rock of the Bleak Pagoda and all the eleven villages of the valley!