What is the correct spelling for 48HRS?

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Correct spellings for 48HRS

  • harass God knows I never wished to harass him, but I felt that merely, at this, to turn my back on him was to abandon or, to put it more truly, to lose him.
  • hare When he found a hare , he directly hid it in a ditch, or some snug place, till dark, and then carried it to Atkins, who used to meet him for this purpose near the Fighting Cocks.
  • harris Where is Mr. Blair, Harris ?
  • hays Early in March a large number of miners and engineers were selected by John Hays Hammond, the chief engineer of the Guggenheim Exploration Companies, and A. Chester Beatty, and were sent to explore the territory granted in the mining concession.
  • hera In such blest union joined the immortal pair Whom queenly Rhea bore, and heaven obeys: One couch the maiden of the rainbow decks With myrrh-dipt hands for Hera and for Zeus.
  • heresy That is rankest heresy nowadays.
  • herr 2. For Herr F. M., whose title I have unfortunately forgotten, and my answer to whom, in return for his kind present, I have held over till today.
  • hess The late Jacob Hess , a famous New York Republican politician, was a member of the commission appointed to put the wires underground in New York City, in the "eighties."
  • hiss The blade sent forth a keen hiss as it cut the air close, very close to Rene's nose.
  • horse "Oh, I don't mind that," said the horse .
  • horus
  • hours
  • hr
  • hus John Hus had certainly studied them, and he was an ardent advocate of Church Reform.
  • res
  • Has These will skim a long way over snow when it has a crust upon it.
  • Heroes Eighteen of these heroes kept up their conviviality in the tavern till long after the appointed time.
  • Hers The Golden Archer saddled his horse and rode miles through the forest upon the crisp red leaves; and he knew that goodness would not hold her, nor kindness, nor fidelity, nor service, for love like hers is held prisoner to nothing once its wings are outstretched, nor does it know good from evil.
  • Hires
  • His
  • Houris But other Muhammadans tell a story to the effect that the head Mullah writes a letter to the archangel Gabriel in which he is instructed to supply a stream of honey, a stream of milk, water and some fruit trees, a golden building and a number of houris, the extent of the order depending on the amount of money which has been paid to the Mullah by the departed in his lifetime; and this letter is placed beneath the dead man's head in the grave, the Bohras having no coffins.
  • HHS
  • Chris Glyddyr, one of the last to leave the room, breathing more freely since he had given his evidence relative to seeing Gartram lying asleep, but feeling that he was ghastly pale, and afraid to meet Chris Lisle's eye, as he passed out of the inquiry room, and out on to the cliff to let the soft, cool night air fan his cheeks.
  • Hairs "Then little Ruth jumped into my lap to pull out the white hairs that will grow under my nose and, just as the child was doing it and I cried out: 'Oh, you hurt me!
  • hurts
  • horns
  • harms I will bring you garments that will warm you, and food that will give you strength; you shall sleep, and I will watch that no one harms you.
  • herbs And where did Master Marner get his knowledge of herbs from-and charms too, if he liked to give them away?
  • hares But she lost her way, and wandered on and on through a dense forest, where nothing stirred but scampering hares and startled squirrels.
  • harps The humming of the harps ceased and the chaplet of iron that bound her brow relaxed.
  • hoes
  • hears "One hears such shocking things about our papers abroad.
  • hurls A Libyan, who had often hunted the lion in its native wilds, had described to him over and over again the nature of the animal's attack, and the spring with which it hurls itself upon its opponent, and Scopus having obtained a skin of one of the animals killed in the arena, the Libyan had stuffed it with outstretched paws; and Scopus obtained a balista, by which it was hurled through the air as if in the act of springing.
  • herds The farmer gradually became a wealthy and intelligent landowner, proud of his improved flocks and herds , of his fine horses and handsome homestead.
  • hues "I knew, Cal, that you would do the young man justice for his magnificent performance," she replied, her cheeks beginning to echo the hues of the roses she held; her fingers had just closed over an angular bit of paper buried in the heart of the flowers....
  • heirs Here all the vassals rode up from the window, and held their swords crosswise over the kinsman's head, while he spake thus- "I, Vidante von Meseritz, declare, vow, and swear to the most powerful, noble, and brave Otto von Bork, lord of the lands and castles of Labes, Pansin, Stramehl, Regenwalde, and others, and my most powerful feudal lord, and to his lawful heirs , a right loyal fealty, to serve him with all duty and obedience, to warn him of all evil, and defend him from all injury, to the best of my ability and power."
  • HTS
  • RS 12 Amritsar and Our Duty to India by B. G. Horniman Rs .
  • HMS
  • HRH
  • HS
  • HRS
  • HaaS |CNS News|February 20, 2014↑ Abortion Rate Falls, But Not Equally for All Women, Time magazine, September 23, 2008↑ Abortion and Women of Color: The Bigger Picture, Guttmacher Policy Review, Volume 11, Issue 3↑ Bankole, Akinrinola; Singh, Susheela; Haas , Taylor (1998).
  • RSI
  • HOS
  • HES Priests and priestesses of Hes , servants with her of the Mother of the world, hear me.
  • YRS
  • HARTS Of this goodly stone were exact two litle halfe pillers, chamfered with their bases, holding vp a streight Sime, with a gule and adiected denticulature & cordicules, or worke of harts, with their chapters vnder a Trabet, Zophor and Coronice, ouer the which was a trigonall conteined, in the fourth part of the stone smooth and plaine without any workemanship in the table thereof sauing a litle garland, within the which were two Doues drinking in a smal vessel.
  • HEWS He that depends Upon your favours swims with fins of lead And hews down Oaks with rushes.
  • HIES
  • hoers
  • harks He was the true predecessor of George Eliot, Walt Whitman, Henry Thoreau and Leo Tolstoy, and the best that is now being expressed from advanced Christian pulpits harks back to him. All that the foremost of our contemporary thinkers have written and said was suggested and touched upon by William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft, with like conclusions.
  • unnoteworthy
  • unfixedly
  • uncomplicate

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    4hr, 4rs, h8r, h8s, rh8, rs4.
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