What is the correct spelling for 49'ERS?

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Correct spellings for 49'ERS

  • airs Edith picked up some of the airs .
  • as "That's as it was the night she sat there and passed away," said the Doctor.
  • ease Say that you're afraid I'll ease out of here when your back is turned.
  • easy "It's easy enough to make a mistake.
  • er "But-er-forgive me, my dear Oliver," said the Dean.
  • era In this era , more than in any later age, the poetry of Rome, like that of Greece in its greatest era s, addressed itself to popular and national, not to individual tastes.
  • erg But the numbers of the followers of the new ways are as the sands of the Great Erg and in time bravery means nothing."
  • eris Your intimacy with their history, ancient, middle, and modern, your familiarity with the improvements in the science of government at this time, will enable you, if any body, to go back with our principles and opinions to the limes of Cicero, Cato, and Brutus, and tell us by what process these great and virtuous men could have led so unenlightened and vitiated a people into freedom and good government, et eris mihi magnus Apollo.
  • eros Under this characteristic they represented an heavenly personage, and joined her with Eros , or divine love: and by these two they supposed that the present mundane system was produced.
  • err When I consider these circumstances, and recollect how often I have taken up my pen, with a mind ill at ease, and spirits much dejected and cast down, I cannot but think I was not likely to err on the favourable side of the picture.
  • erse 78-92. "Fair, Brown, and Trembling"-these four in Gaelic, the last in Erse .
  • erst The crucial part was the passing of the end of the passage leading to his father's room, and here he paused for a few moments, but he fancied he could hear a long-drawn breathing, and, after a hasty glance at the door of the back drawing-room, erst Lady Teigne's chamber, he opened the drawing-room door, stepped in and closed it.
  • es It makes it an absolute certainty that Madame Jules and I will have to pay.
  • ese Ese libro es alguna historia....
  • irs
  • os weed sorta follow. gettin rid of O's. gettin rid of those runnin down town boutta buy new clothes. – Back To The Set by wiz khalifa
  • res
  • Ens Van Wyke, and a Lieut, and Ens .
  • Eras
  • Ere And how long must I serve thee ere thou makest them for me?
  • Hers His eyes were still on hers.
  • Ours "No love like ours can be a sin.
  • O's For the rest of Juno's existence, the moment she caught sight of a boy she fled as fast as her four bow-legs would carry her, not daring even to let her tail stick out behind her, lest it should afford a handle against her.
  • Ursa Then will Ursa Major, as seen from the earth, be entirely changed.
  • EDS Well, there's nothing so radically wrong with the co-eds, is there?
  • errs Nature seldom errs by making supermen.
  • RS The deficit of the Madras Government would have been much higher had it not taken steps to increase its revenues by Rs .
  • EMS His speed was increased to eight thousand ems an hour by the end of the year, and the machine was believed to have a capacity of eleven thousand.
  • OARS "Well, I drifted an' drifted without knowin' where I was driftin', till finally I seen a shore at some distance off an' took the oars an' pulled for it, havin' somethin' to think of now.
  • YRS Seeley or he will still be running us ragged to get in shape a couple of yrs.
  • EARS Soon a well-known voice reached our ears.
  • ERGS And in our island here, I have five hundred thousand million separate power plants, each generating at the rate of decillions of ergs a second, backing this ship.
  • act-alike
  • actalike
  • addlepates
  • alibied

13 words made from the letters 49'ERS

  • 3 letter words made from 49'ERS:

    'er, 're, 4's, 4rs, e's, esr, r's, res, rs4.
  • 4 letter words made from 49'ERS:

    49er, r'es, re's.
  • 5 letter words made from 49'ERS: