What is the correct spelling for 4E50?

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Correct spellings for 4E50

  • be I can never be sure of that."
  • ce She replied, "Qu'est-ce qu'il dit?"
  • de Appian de Bello Mithridat. Ai ku de Zhao pian li – An Jing Le by s.h.e.
  • ea With such infinite care had we approached that this signal was the first notification received by the people of Ea of the presence of enemies.
  • ec With increases in real GNP of 5.5% in 1987 and about 5% in 1988 and 1989, Spain has been the fastest growing member of the EC. Increased investment-both domestic and foreign-has been the most important factor pushing the ec onomic expansion.
  • ed 1 Maximilian I., grandfather of Charles V. and Ferdinand I., and Emperor of Germany from 1494 to 1519.-Ed. Well, dianne told me and I tackled ed As we did a little wiggle and dance When we were done ed got a hot head – Deadfall by James Lynn Strait
  • em "Darn me if I couldn't eat em ," said the man, with a threatening shake of his head, "and if I han't half a mind to't!" Scrub these walls, I might even repaint 'em Cause your memory stained them – Better For It by ne-yo
  • en The plural form in -en is a marked character of this dialect-at least of the Lancashire portion.
  • er Auger has given me a lesson.
  • es Bryce obeyed, and for the first time John Cardigan learned of his son's acquaintance with Shirley Sumner and the fact that she had been present in Pennington's woods the day Bryce had gone there to settle the score with Jules Rondeau.
  • eu Vous avez donc tout eu .
  • ex In making answer to this proposition, our ex -king did not hesitate a moment.
  • fe Some depredations were committed during the past year upon our trains transporting supplies for the Army, on the road between the western border of Missouri and Santa Fe .
  • ge These are the first inquiries with which Ge ology is occupied, a science which derives its name from the Greek ge , the earth, and logos, a discourse.
  • he He said: "Do you wish it?"
  • le Mrs. Le Geyt won't live long enough.
  • me Have you nothing to say to me ?
  • ne "On ne le dirait pas," said Mademoiselle, wanting to join the conversation.
  • re This, we should say, would answer itself did not the question re -appear.
  • se Legi etiam Bergei cujusdam Galli Scripta, qui se vidisse diceret.
  • te You are the principal object of all my cares, the only object of all my hopes; I have now reason to believe, that you will reward the former, and answer the latter; in that case, may you live long, for you must live happy; 'de te nam caetera sumes'.
  • xe One of the forms of the Venetian dialect is spoken in Calvene and its surrounding towns: Dialect: Calvene le un bel paese pianta sui sassi russi, Lugo i xe quattro mussi.
  • Eh Off your head, eh?
  • We I thought we must have taken the wrong road.
  • Oe The [ae] and [oe] ligatures have been written out as ae, oe.
  • R And now, as to Lady R -.
  • W W-what was it you took?
  • Ye You understand, don't ye, Letty?"
  • ET Et do lie straight before 'ee.
  • ie In the case of projective space, where the tautological bundle is a line bundle, the associated invertible sheaf of sections is , the tensor inverse (ie the dual vector bundle) of the hyperplane bundle or Serre twist sheaf ; in other words the hyperplane
  • easy-going And Guy Spencer, a man of a very different type from the easy-going , pleasure-loving Pomfret, had made a hash of his opportunities, flouted his family obligations, to pursue the desire of the moment, to marry out of his own class.

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