What is the correct spelling for 4HOURS?

If you've misspelled "4hours", fear not! Here are a few suggestions for a correct spelling: "4 hours", "four hours" or "4 hrs". Remember, it's always best to use words instead of digits for formal writing.

Correct spellings for 4HOURS

  • fours I saw her playing fours with her friends in the park.
  • hoers The foal kept frisking and prancing around, seeming to enjoy the hoers who cheered and laughed.
  • hour I need to go to my room and take an hour break.
  • houri The goddess Nut was represented by a woman with the head of a lioness, Houri, in pre-Islamic art.
  • Houris In paradise, the brides of Allah are known as houris.
  • hours I need to go to the library for hours today.
  • Ours The ours was enormous.
  • pours He pours the hot water into the mug and adds a tea bag.
  • Sours The taste of the milk in the cereal sours quickly when it's left out too long.
  • tours We were able to take the city tours.
  • Yours I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon. Yours truly, [insert name].

33 words made from the letters 4HOURS