What is the correct spelling for 4INCH?

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Correct spellings for 4INCH

  • Aitch He dubbed himself "Aitch" after the Scottish musician Aitchison.
  • arch The arch of the bridge spanned the river with majestic beauty.
  • bench He sat down on the bench in the park and watched the children play.
  • bunch I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of bananas.
  • cinch After years of practice, cooking a perfect steak has become a cinch for the experienced chef.
  • conch The conch shell is often used as a musical instrument in traditional cultures.
  • each The teacher gave each student a different book to read for homework.
  • ENC
  • Enoch Enoch was the seventh descendant from Adam in Genesis' lineage.
  • etch He used a metal tool to etch his name into the surface of the desk.
  • eunuch There is a eunuch in the room.
  • finch The finch is a small songbird.
  • hunch I had a hunch that the meeting was going to be cancelled.
  • in I'm in the zone.
  • Ina Iina was disappointed that her new toy was not Ina.
  • Inc
  • inca Inca ruins are impressive!
  • inch I cannot believe my foot is an inch long!
  • Inched The snail inched its way across the garden path, leaving a slimy trail behind it.
  • inches I'm wearing my new shoes and they fit me perfectly in inches.
  • inchon inchon can refer to a dish of braised beef accompanied by vegetables.
  • INCL INCL stands for "Includes" and is commonly used in listing items or prices.
  • incur In spite of the inconvenience, I decided to incur the cost.
  • Ind Ind vs Aus test match is going to be exciting.
  • INF The INF symbol stands for imaginary numbers.
  • Ing I cannot believe that Ing is still a thing.
  • ink The pen was out of ink.
  • inn I'm looking for an inn.
  • INS INS is a company that helps immigrants become citizens.
  • INT The INT signal from the sensor is used to trigger the alarm.
  • itch I have an irritating itch on my arm that won't go away.
  • itchy I have this really itchy nose.
  • lunch I'd like to order a lunch please.
  • lynch My Aunt Joan threatened to lynch me if I didn't get my act together.
  • munch I like to munch on carrots during my afternoon snack.
  • niche In the niche market, there is a lot of competition.
  • OCH I can't believe you scored such an OCH!
  • Ouch "Ouch, that hurt!" exclaimed the little girl after she fell off her bike.
  • pinch I forgot to buy salt, so I had to pinch some from my neighbor's house.
  • punch He gave her a punch in the arm.
  • ranch There's a ranch just up the road.
  • tench I never knew much about tench, but I'm dying to learn about them now.
  • wench I need a new maid because the old one is a wench.
  • winch I need a winch to pull that mass up the mountain.

7 words made from the letters 4INCH

  • 3 letter words made from 4INCH:

    4ch, 4in, chi, hin, inh.
  • 4 letter words made from 4INCH:

    chin, inch.