What is the correct spelling for 5A?

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Correct spellings for 5A

  • aa There be neere vnto Schalholt, vpon the South shore of Island three small parishes standing betweene two most swift riuers Thiorsaa and Olffwis Aa , being in a maner destitute both of wood and turfe, which is the accustomed fewell of the countrey.
  • ab We considered only what would happen in coil cd if a current was started in coil ab .
  • ac Maesta igitur civitas ac prope inops consilii comitiorum die in campum descendit.
  • ai Going to his mother, Ai Powlo said, "I have a man who would make thee a good husband.
  • ak Through its name ak , the goose symbol became the synonym of all ak or ka words.
  • al 5. Met'ric-al, arranged in measures, as poetry and music.
  • ar So he goes ar -round exhibitin' th' recent site, an' warnin' people that, whin they ar -re shootin' bears, they must see that their gun is kept loaded an' their face is nailed on securely.
  • au There was a rim of Hattie au natural left around her lips.
  • av It's never out av order to praise Misther Stirling.
  • ba It took the form of a bird with human hands and head; it was called the ba ."
  • ca "Good shop," began the old man, reckoning on his fingers, "ca-pital shop; neat parlour-very neat; upper storey, two rooms; one splendid; cosy bed-room; rent of the whole, only thirty-five pounds a-year-only thirty-five pounds a-year!"
  • da Da Loglio told us that he had taken a small part in this conspiracy, and had thought it prudent to get out of the way.
  • ea The Ea -element explains the fish-scales and the antelope provides the horns.
  • fa One is o-ki-ad', for the growth of beans; another is los-kod', for abundant camotes, and the third is fa -kil', the ceremony for rain.
  • ga 52, 53 1891-95 Charles F. Crisp Ga .
  • ha Ha, what do I see afore me?
  • ia Though it was dark Julia knew that he had turned to look at her.
  • la He kept his little eyes on me; then he said, "J'adore la peinture!"
  • ma "Ma-" began Ingeborg; then stopped.
  • na A-na Of bloom, a flower.
  • ra The priests declare themselves against the king, and recognize in Ani the genuine blood of Ra .
  • sa Aim-sa took the gun and turned back to the hut.
  • ta Hur's helpin' ta leddie i' ta teach ta p.
  • va Put twenty sequins on a card, and if you win go paroli, seven, and the va , and leave the game when they turn up.
  • wa They draw incredible loads, but, as if the toil which often makes every breath a groan or a gasp were not enough, they shout incessantly with a coarse, guttural grunt, something like Ha huida, Ho huida, wa ho, Ha huida, etc.
  • Ah Ah, do I not know!
  • Ya Marya remained in his power!
  • AF M-m-most s-set th-the h-house af-f-fire w-with it.
  • AP The poem was omitted from the 1795 edition, only the first eight lines being used in the short poem "To Shylock Ap -Shenken."
  • AW Aw, leave your guns alone- take your drinks, quick!
  • AM I am with him here now.
  • unamazing