What is the correct spelling for 5FOOT?

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Correct spellings for 5FOOT

  • afoot He went to the outer door, and, opening it, called Lord Almeric, who, hearing what was afoot, hurried in.
  • boot It is a boot-button-foreign.
  • coot "No, it isn't; that's a bald coot.
  • fat But a fat lot you know about it.
  • feat If I had been told that the sensations inevitable under the circumstances were required to be reproduced by pencil and paper, I should have said such a feat was beyond the reach of art; but there they are!
  • fiat She could not quite believe the dread fiat.
  • fit No, I'm not fit for it!"
  • font Over the central screen was the great rood, with its attendant figures, exquisitely carved and painted; in every direction, as Anthony looked beyond the screens, gleamed rich windows, with figures and armorial bearings; here and there tattered banners hung on the walls; St. Christopher stood on the north wall opposite the door, to guard from violence all who looked upon him day by day; a little painting of the Baptist hung on a pillar over against the font, and a Vernacle by the pulpit; and all round the walls hung little pictures, that the poor and unlearned might read the story of redemption there.
  • food His supplies were almost entirely for food.
  • fool He was not going to be made a fool every time!
  • foot When we get there, we land away from the city and go in on foot."
  • footer But then I remembered I had got to play footer, and I chucked the card over to Murray.
  • ford If he had the fancy to drink to England's king, it would not be in the company of those who have disgraced England's fame-at the ford of Newburn."
  • fort "'Pon my word," thought Chumbley, "this is better than that hot room at the fort.
  • forte Evans komencis forte spiri.
  • forty He was one of the forty men....
  • ft A column of water 2.3 ft.
  • hoot Because water conducted sound so well, the hoot could be heard clearly some distance away.
  • loot Tonight, after he robbed the Henley home he came here intending to loot the bell tower.
  • moot These proposals, which Uri had not yet ventured to moot to his father, he, with good intentions, brought before the assembled elders; he hoped that their acceptance might spare the people great suffering.
  • root "You want, of course, to root about there by yourself.
  • soot The coating of soot on every branch and leaf is fatal to clean hands and summer costumes.
  • toot Jones, toot up your whistle-fire-call-anything!
  • Feet I rose to my feet, and walked up to wind'ard.
  • Foots "You kin hab it, chile," said Aunt Judy, rising, and taking from a shelf a large piece of cold apple pie, "an' bressed be de foots ob dem wot fotch good tidin's."
  • Footy Foote may be taken to be what it seems, though I think that such a name must have had a vowel-ending, as its meaning must be "footy," i.
  • FOO Foo Cha was apologetic but serious.
  • FUT An' I sthud there, an' waited f'r him while he crawled wan block over th' ice, mutterin' prayers at ivry fut.
  • am hard up
  • am harmony