What is the correct spelling for 6A?

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Correct spellings for 6A

  • aa Aa nivor heerd sic swearin'.
  • ab Every ballot cast in the ab sence of liberty of the press is void ab initio.
  • ac "Yais, I come and had that ac -ceedon," said the woman through her teeth.
  • ai Ai looked at the stone and said, "Who will give me food and clothes for a little red stone like that?
  • ak Chief Oo-vai-oo-ak chewed upon the whale-skin and the suggestion of his spouse.
  • al Then, seeing the look upon his friend's face, he grew grave immediately and put out his own hand, saying merely: 'We wondered what had become of you, Al .
  • ar "I mean," he said, "that that ar youngster takes up too much 'tention.
  • au Au revoir, my dear count!
  • av Eight miles at sea-the long-armed divil av a mountain-what must the infightin' have been!"
  • ba The translation is: "Come, soul of Ba -long'-long; come with us to the house to feast."
  • ca "The 'great ca ptain,'" he said, "and two of his men had been surprised in the Chicka-hominy swamps by the chief O-pe-chan-ca-nough and two hundred braves.
  • da It was just at that time that Leonardo da Vinci's fame was at its height, and when Raphael was shown some of the great man's work, he was filled with awe and wonder.
  • ea Omnia ea auctor fuit Cornutus matri eius ut aboleret.
  • fa "It might do so," admitted Fa Fa i graciously, "but in order to express the arisement adequately it would be necessary to display them twice-first on the bridge with their fa ces turned towards the west, and then in the flood with their fa ces towards the east; and the superficial might hastily assume that the three on the bridge would rescue the three in the river."
  • ga 12 433 Clark University, Atlanta, Ga .
  • ha The ha -ha wall, built of loose stones, is the home of thousands upon thousands of ants, whose nests are everywhere here, the ground being undisturbed by passing footsteps.
  • ia "My dear Julia, I almost wish that I had not spoken.
  • la I asked La Touche.
  • ma And I was thinking how unpleasant things might be if you, ma 'am, attended strictly to your own affairs!
  • na "Confess my lord's horse, Hobbie," they said, "And to-morrow in Carlisle thou's na die."
  • ra "Unless it is Neferu-Ra in person.
  • sa The ca sa also came after judgment, giving authority to imprison the defendant till the claim was sa tisfied.
  • ta Arturo was now not at all inclined to give tia Marta the twenty-five cents.
  • va "Il y a une lettre pour moi, et elle va la lire," said poor Janey to her friend, who, for her part, never received any letters, save a few, at stated intervals, from Maitland.
  • wa "Now, my brother, Adolan we will go to Pindayan, for I am going to make a big party, for I just return from fighting," said Ibago wa Agimlang.
  • Ah "Ah, yes, just so," said Mr. Ridgett.
  • Ya While I walked about musing like this, I found myself in front of Ya mashiro-ya.
  • AF Then, af-ter they had walked a while, they sat down on a great mass of rock and watched the waves as they rolled and broke at their feet.
  • AP 12. Ap -pa-ra'tus, utensils for performing experiments.
  • AW "Aw, tell me the truth," she burst out at last.
  • AM I am not sure; about that; but I cannot say that I got more.
  • unamazing