What is the correct spelling for 6MO?

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Correct spellings for 6MO

  • co There was need of obedience, and of the co -operation of the human will with the divine.
  • hmo Another early experience with bundled payments occurred between 1987 and 1989, involving an orthopedic surgeon, a hospital (Ingham Regional Medical Center), and a health maintenance organization (HMO) in Michigan.
  • imo Embrace your dear little girls warmly for me, my respects to Madam Maurice, and-sincerely yours, ex imo .
  • io What was that one with the refrain, "Io te voglio bene assaje, e tu non pienz' a me"?
  • ko Alvan is killed, and Prince Marko returns Clotilde cannot understand it.
  • ma That answer ye gave Misther Chaine was frum yer Ma .
  • mao "Such rivals to our throne may not be at large, even though sheltered in the temples of the hung-mao.
  • mb We will be du-u-mb!
  • mc Mc Neil is still here.
  • md D. H. Candler, the sheriff of Montgomery County, Md .
  • me You'll give me "Information"?
  • mi They moved slowly only about 2 mi .
  • mn The coloring matters are impurities, often Fe and Mn , if red or brown.
  • mo Mr. Bates resisted gently, drew back his chin a little mo re and attacked a lower G: Mo -na, Mo na, my own love!
  • mob The populace are poor and ignorant, but may be law-abiding; a mob is disorderly and lawless, but may be rich and influential. The rabble is despicable, worthless, purposeless; a mob may have effective desperate purpose. A crowd may be drawn by mere curiosity; some strong, pervading excitement is needed to make it a mob . Compare PEOPLE.
  • mod It was all the more acceptable because outside a cold rain was falling, and the mod was deep and miry.
  • mom "Sure, Mom ," Cindy said agreeably.
  • mon Oh, mon cher, you do not know how beautiful it is.
  • moo Cannot you recall that night when Whitefoot was ill, and you and mothery and I had to sit up all through the long hours nursing her, and how we thought the dear old moo -cow would die!
  • mop The hair beneath was dressed like the frizzy mop illustrated, in plaited wedges flowing like a pendant hump half-way down the back, or in a cascade of curls reaching from the crown of the head to the waist.
  • mot One good mot was evolved a few years ago, when roads were snowy and ways were foul.
  • mow Take hemp-seed, and go into what place you will by yourself, carry the seed in your apron, and with your right hand throw it over your shoulder saying, Hemp-seed I sow, hemp-seed I sow, And he that must be my true love, Come after me and mow .
  • mp
  • mu We were thinking of those Mu Kow Moos-that frat of all others-blissfully towing home a prize they'd stumbled onto and didn't know anything about!
  • Jo Wendy Jo Somebody's out there, waiting for the show – Somebody's Eyes by Unknown Author
  • M Where it's always 2 a.m., Where it's party till you drop And never stop, Because there's nothing we condemn. – Hades by Unknown Author
  • Moe In him a royall Prince, and many moe Of noble blood in this declining Land; The King is not himselfe, but basely led By Flatterers, and what they will informe Meerely in hate 'gainst any of vs all, That will the King seuerely prosecute 'Gainst vs, our liues, our children, and our heires Ros.
  • My gibbets, I never saw one so prone. Yet, on my conscience, there are verier knaves desire to live, for all he be a Roman: and there be some of them too that die against their wills; so should I, if I – Cymbeline: Act V, scene IV by Unknown Author
  • Mos wat ik toen in een keer mos scheiten as een reiger en zeiken as een os moar ik had een probleempjen – Blues Niet Los by Jovink En De Voederbietels
  • Om
  • MW Brigadier DJ Shouesmith Brigadier MW Poffley OBE (Late RLC) Brigadier J McN R Henderson (late REME) Brigadier RMB Nitsch MBE (late REME) Brigadier E McLay (late REME) Brigadier DP Amison OBE (late RLC) Brigadier DJ Eastman MBE (late REME)
  • MOI "Pardonnez moi, Sir Reginald," exclaimed Madame De La Motte, breaking off the conversation in which she was engaged with Harry, and looking up briskly.
  • BO The spirit of the occasion was set forth in a notice published on the editorial page of the "Times": "Hello, bo!
  • unmarkedly