What is the correct spelling for 7IN?

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Correct spellings for 7IN

  • a finishes
  • a go go
  • an 6913. Have you an account in Mr. Leask's shop?
  • bin Still, though my throat felt like a dust-bin, I determined to support Nettleship, and I knew Tom would do so, in whatever he thought necessary.
  • din The great hall rang with echoes of the din, as if for battle.
  • en In the evenings they would dine en famille at a country inn.
  • fin The instant that the younger boy heard this, he turned his head and cast a frightened look behind him, seeing the sharp fin just beginning to turn over in the water.
  • gin The gin sat watching their proceedings.
  • i'd I'd give it 'im if I was a man.
  • I'm "I'm sure of it.
  • ia Miss Julia loves you, and all of us love you, and we are going to take care of you.
  • Ian If Julian Hagstrom were, by some miracle, to come back to life, I'm sure the dog wouldn't remember him.
  • ID
  • ie
  • il The spring fish are all dry by April or May.
  • in 6448. Do you get that in money?
  • Ina The eldest girl, who was also introduced to me, was named Cecilia, and studied music; she was twelve years old; the youngest, called Marina, was only eleven, and like her brother Petronio was consecrated to the worship of Terpsichore.
  • Inc Some of the principal organizations of this kind are as follows: Standard Statistics Company, Inc.
  • Ind Begob, it's mesilf that thought ye'd moved to the ind of nowhere.
  • INF We brought in a wire from Inf....
  • Ing Fer'vor, intensity of feel-ing.
  • ink To tell the whole of the prolonged pitched battle that ensued would take too much ink and paper.
  • inn I was very thankful when the little inn was reached.
  • INS Tophevie, and everybody who understood the ins and outs of fashionable life.
  • INT
  • ion In consequence of this order, Marion retired to St. John's.
  • It How long ago it seemed since she had put them on.
  • kin He wa'n't no relation of Calliope's if you're as strict as some, but accordin' to my idea he was closer than that-closer than kin.
  • lin There was also another thing which would cloud his return to Marlin County.
  • min Min, made welcome at the house of Mean and Lin, removed with them to that distant province.
  • N N-no, dear, I didn't even try.
  • ni "Ni-i-Nic-ky-" "And I want to," he said through the star-spangled red.
  • old-fashioned
  • on 14,287. On what day was that?
  • pin Reddy Fox sprang up as if some one had stuck a pin into him.
  • sin But what do we mean by "Sin"?
  • tin Mr Martin, however, must still stand at the top.
  • un The Sales Wilsons were people to all appearance as un-Indian as any folk need be.
  • win I've just got to win before I make up.
  • Yin "The names of Wang-san and Yin Ho were not unknown to the expectant," suggested Lao Ting mildly.