What is the correct spelling for 9A?

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Correct spellings for 9A

  • aa And he set me before his children, and he gave me his eldest daughter to wife, and he made me to choose for myself a very fine territory which belonged to him, and which lay on the border of a neighbouring country, and this beautiful region was called Aa .
  • ab The result is that the current in the plate circuit, that is, of course, the current in coil ab , becomes gradually less.
  • ac Ac-knowledgin' our error, it'd done, and bein' done, it's writ aloft.
  • ai Instead, however, of delivering the message, Ai Powlo said his father had been eaten by a tiger.
  • ak Can ye ma-ak nowt o' that, Master Costrell?
  • al Then she thought of the song she had sung to Lady Cardington, the song which had surely opened the eyes of her own drowsy, if not actually sleeping, heart: "Tutto al mondo e vano: Nell'amore ogni dolcezza."
  • ar Whin me frind Gin'ral Merritt was ladin' a gallant charge again blank catredges, who was it ranged his noble ar -rmy iv pathrites behind him f'r to see that no wan attackted him fr'm th' sea but Aggynaldoo?
  • au Well, Mees, I leaves you in good hands; au revoir."
  • av "An' if that dirty beast Kennedy shows his dirty face inside these doors, it's a washin' it will get wid the drainin' av the beer-glasses.
  • ba 16. garza-gal-gal-la gar zu a-ba mu- ...
  • ca Besides these he had three other illegitimate sons named Vicchu Tupac because he subdued the town of Vicchu, Marca-yutu, and Rocca Inca.
  • da The matter was a serious one, and an auto-da-fe was very possible, as it came under the jurisdiction of the Holy Office-a kind of wild beast, with which it is not good to quarrel.
  • ea One section of the people, who were represented by the worshippers of Ea , appear to have believed that the essence of life was contained in water.
  • fa A house basket holding about a peck, called "fa-lo'-ko," is made of a'-nis bamboo.
  • ga 81 Mr. Cashmeyer's Sutler Wagon 89 Washing Clothes at Savannah, Ga .
  • ha "I tell you," continued Flint, now ha ving recovered his breath, "I tell you, you're worse than useless, you and your President, ha !
  • ia Julia got up, went to him, and placed one hand upon his forehead and the other around his neck.
  • la We saw her only a year ago with Coquelin in "La Mantansier."
  • ma Don't show my ma this letter, and, Bella-say nothing to nobody about the kisses.
  • na "Na, na , my wee man," chirped the cautious little bird; "for I saw thee catch the goldfinch, and I have no wish to give thee the chance to catch me."
  • ra And the peace will perhaps demand a new master, who understands how to employ the sons of the land to its greatest advantage-a genuine son of Ra .
  • sa Aim-sa nodded, and Nick went on.
  • ta Cornelia's: "The key-note, I am positive, was B flat-ta!"
  • va In other words, unless the signs is misleading, Skinny is gonna lose his liberty by gettin married, and its the opinion of your "'Lil Brighteyes" that the speech of P. Henry of Va .
  • wa "My female friends," sed I, "be4 you leeve, I've a few remarks to remark; wa them well.
  • Ah Ah, you do not know, then?
  • Ya I felt I should find Marya alone; in fact, she met me in the porch, and handed me my sword.
  • AF "Indade, Miss Jessie," said Katie a little later, her face in a pucker, "indade it's not right for the loikes af yees to be here all alone."
  • AP The "beadle" group of names has been confused with Bithell, Welsh Ap Ithel.
  • AW Well, we aw ready!
  • AM "So am I," said the other.
  • unamazing