What is the correct spelling for 9YR?

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Correct spellings for 9YR

  • ar And then Delilah owned up: Dat ar chile ain' tech a mou'ful dis day.
  • br Artabotrys odoratissimus, R. Br .
  • cr One day last March the sun shone out bright and warm; in the afternoon the first frogs began to tune up, cr -r-r-runk, cr -r-runk-a-runk-runk, like a flock of brant in the distance.
  • er "Why-er-" The stranger spoke.
  • fr As we only had three hours on land we took a carriage, only 1 fr .
  • hr When about 1 hr .
  • ir Never had she thought Orion so handsome; the long, flowing mourning robe, which he had flung over his shoulder in rich folds, added to the height of his stately form; his abundant hair, not curled but waving naturally, set off his face which, pale and grave as it was, both touched and attracted her ir resistibly.
  • kr The advances are said to stand at Kr .
  • or Or had she something to say?
  • pr We ar-re as pr -roud as ye are iv th' achievements iv Gin'ral Shafter an' Gin'ral Coxey.
  • ur Them that I got frum never missed some cawn ur a chick'n now'n then.
  • yb
  • yr But just then Lewis-yr-Helwyr, shouting out in Welsh, 'We ask for more wages and they give us soldiers,' leaped at the throat of the Scotchman nearest to him, and snatching the musket out of his hand, stuck the bayonet into him.
  • zr
  • R Why didn't you put R in the corner if you meant it for me?
  • Y's He crossed the road immediately, and went up the steps into Mary's house.
  • Ya "I see ya glowering at me, my lad; but I dinna mind it, for I'm one of your best frens, and when I thrash ye with words about your lassie it's a' for your good.
  • Ye What is this word that He said, Ye shall seek Me, and shall not find Me: and where I am, ye cannot come?
  • Yer I 'ear yer say, you says: "I should like to see thet."
  • Yt Printers yt were Masters at ye passeing of ye Act wch are disabled by ye fire:- Mr. John Brudenall.
  • Ry Nerves running inward toward the spinal cord and the brain are called sen'so ry nerves; those from the brain and spinal cord outward, mo'tor nerves.
  • LR
  • RR But when I touched it the supposed stone emitted a terrible "quor-r-rr-k," and squattered away.
  • NR
  • TR R-rather is it a tr-ribute to your so admirable nursing that has pr-repared me to r-recover with speed, even though I have it no longer.
  • QR Hammocks, 16. Locks, stock, 1. Mallet, caulking, 1. Oars, fir, 7. Paint, white, 1 qr.
  • YO Oh ee yo (Oh ee yo) N-da-n da ee ah dodle oh – Time To Go by Unknown Author
  • GR
  • YD
  • YRS
  • abbes
  • acculturing