What is the correct spelling for A24?

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Correct spellings for A24

  • aa 3. Aa -kheper-ka-Ra Dehuti Dehuti-mes I., his son, and queen Amen-sit.
  • ab "No," answer Ab , dropping the basket he was carrying, and straightening up to listen.
  • ac Quintilian perhaps had this poem in mind when he included a rather slighting mention of Albinovanus in his catalogue of epic poets at X i 90: 'Rabirius ac Pedo non indigni cognitione, si uacet'.
  • ag Ag Culture, in particular, ran into difficulties with women who revived the quaint custom of "going on strike" ag ainst the Leff Law and refused to take their shots.
  • ai The oaks and mountains cry, Ai !
  • ak Prince Junak cried: "Turn round, little house, turn round, I want to come inside; Let thy back to the forest be found, Thy door to me open wide."
  • al What is the vase of Al -Mansor?"
  • an Again Ellen looked in the old woman's face an d said nothing for an instant.
  • ar What dat ar you say?
  • as I want you to do as I tell you.
  • at Why do you want him to go at all?"
  • au So, once more pressing her hand firmly to my lips, I said-"au revoir, Emily, au revoir, not good by," and rushing from the room, regained my own, just as Mrs. Bingham reached the corridor.
  • av "It's proud Oi'm bein' shakin' the hand av Misther Stirling," said the Irishman.
  • ax The stout lady in the chair gazed ax the couple fondly.
  • az They don't weigh more than 30 ounces, but they make az mutch fuss az a ton, i have seen them trieing tew pik a quarrel with a two hoss waggon, and don't think they would hesitate tew fight a meeting house, if it waz the least bit sassy tew them.
  • ba "I got some trouble aroun' ma place Wit' ma nice leetle girl Rosine, An' I see w'en I 'm lookin' on all de face, You 're knowin' jus' w'at I mean- Very easy to talk, but w'en dey come For seein' her twenty young man ba Gum! I tole you ma frien', it was purty tough, 'Sides wan chance in twenty is not enough-
  • ca A wicked wag observed, that it was a pity all their books of divinity, and almost all those of law and physic, were not added to the pile but he comforted himself with reflecting that ca viendra.
  • da Da Hua da re not look up for she too knows it is for her that the Head Master is bringing congratulations thus.
  • ea E-Sagila, temple of Marduk in Babylon, 121, 636; with a shrine of Sarpanitum, 121, 241, 636, 641; with shrine of Nusku, 220, 241; with shrine of Nabu, 127, 220, 636; with shrine of Ea , 220, 241; with shrine of Tashmitum, 220, 241; with shrine of Nin-kharsag, 639; sanctuary E-karzaginna of Ea , 636; meaning of name, 639; with papakhu of Marduk, 640; takes the place of E-kur, 645; history of E-Sagila, 648 ff.; place of installation of rulers, 649; influence of E-Sagila and E-Zida, 649.
  • ga Salt Lake City, S. S. Class, First C., for S. A., Dorchester Acad., Ga . , 3.40.
  • ha Ha, ha -perhaps it was because they were modest!
  • ia Ia. Not for a world, sir, we will goe both and seeke him presently.
  • la He grew up a la grace de Dieu, and was horribly spoiled.
  • Ah "Ah, I can't pass that.
  • S 6 9 3 9 3 0 2 9 Description 1818 1824 1828 1830 s.
  • AF Ryukyu Islands (南西諸島, Nansei-shotō): The climate of these islands ranges from humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa) in the north to tropical rainforest climate (Köppen climate classification Af ) in the south with warm winters and hot summers.
  • AP He met Ruskin, the fat little AP correspondent, in front of the Pan-American Building on Constitution Avenue.
  • AW Aw well, so be yew.
  • AM I am John Indian's wife.
  • unamazing