What is the correct spelling for A4?

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Correct spellings for A4

  • aa 4. What is Aa the name of?
  • ab It is, as you see, 'Mutatum ab illo.
  • ac I ac knowledge that forty-three years ago my wife and myself had got together so much of real and personal property that we could live honourably upon it.
  • ag "Hurry up supper, Ag ," she said-never before or since has she called Ag gie "Ag"-"I'm starving."
  • ai A renewed assault upon Ai was this time successful.
  • ak "What is the matter, Prince Junak?
  • al She, al so, the fancy came to her, had placed this day in the vase of Al -Mansor.
  • an Her father could not dance like that, she was sure, an d he was not an old man.
  • ar "'Clar ter you ef dat ar Linkum hossifer bain't nigh onter bein' as fine a gemman as Mas'r Henry hisself.
  • as "As if I didn't know all about this!
  • at "I don't think it is at all.
  • au So with a hasty Au revoir!
  • av "Av course," replied Dennis.
  • ax In the office of the hotel, while service was on at the little church, and all the womenfolk and children were singing their tender hearts out in an effort to get an appetite for Sunday's dinner, Peter was the center of observation amidst a crowd of bitterly complaining commercial sinners, each with his own particular ax to grind and a desperate grievance against the crooks who were rigging the land markets in the neighborhood for their own sordid profit.
  • az They are common to all countrys and all peoples, the philosophers hav seen them az often az the children hav, and ben as badly skared by them.
  • ba -Came to a village of Ba Rua, surrounded by hills of some 200 feet above the plain; trees sparse.
  • ca I want to have some money so as to Pahatag man aco ug salapi nga buy a fine shirt, and they give me igapalit co ug usa ca maanindat not, for they say, it is vanity.
  • da Should I go down to the Merceria, and see whether the name of Da Costa was known in the quartier?
  • ea I was actually in Ea , approaching a structure, the mere, fantastically-sculptured facade of which was of such height and magnitude that, even though my eyes were dazzled, I marvelled at the many slaves who had doubtless been engaged in its construction.
  • ga When the obstructions to the Coosa river are removed, a matter now engaging the attention of Congress, Montgomery will have water communication as far north as Rome, Ga ., which will open up to her a country rich in mineral and agricultural wealth.
  • ha They ain't to be bought in every shop - ha !
  • ia Ia. A kentish Lord, sir; his ancestors came forth off Canterbury.
  • la He was l'ami de la maison.
  • Ah When Sir Bors had told him, "Ah!
  • S It is about 7 miles long, E. by N. and W. by S ., and about 4 miles wide.
  • AF af Internet domain name on for Af ghan e-mail addresses and Web sites.
  • AP In particular, if we consider a length AP beginning at the lowest point A, then resolving horizontally and vertically we have
  • AW "Aw ees," said Mary.
  • AM "Why, I am not ...
  • unamazing