What is the correct spelling for A7?

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Correct spellings for A7

  • aa Aa, when pronounced as an improper diphthong, and not as pertaining to two syllables, usually takes the sound of close a; as in Balaam, Canaan, Isaac.
  • ab The moment the battery is disconnected there is nothing driving the electrons in the part ab and they slow down.
  • ac Post Seneca, hactenus promptius, ut respiceret Burrum, ac sciscitaretur an militi imperanda caedes esset.
  • ag Then I went in the front ag 'in and got what I was after.
  • ai X Strange Fortunes of Strange People The Fortunes of Ai Powlo Once upon a time a father and mother had a wicked son whose name was Ai Powlo.
  • ak After consonants the w becomes p; I E ak wa water of ak ; Gothic ahva river; Dak wakpa river.
  • al "Tutto-tutto al mondo e vano," murmured Lady Cardington.
  • an I will be up an d out in the course of an hour.
  • ar An', whin ye're hungry, ye can go to th' morgue-we mane th' resth'rant-an' ate a good square meal iv ar -rmy beef.
  • as Just as I meant to get him, I'll get you!
  • at Gordon's father smiled back at her.
  • au "All right, then; good-by, my little friend-or, rather, au revoir.
  • av Shure, they'd rather smoke one pipe av his tobaccy than drink ten times at Gallagher's expense."
  • ax And Roland-him there-listening as grim as a meat ax .
  • az He gits up at jist sitch a time in the morning, and goes tew bed at jist sitch a time at night, and would as soon think ov taking a dose ov striknine for the hikcups az tew kut oph a dogs tale when the moon waz in the laste quarter.
  • ba ?Onsa-onsaon ba ang pagpamolong ni-ini?
  • ca A mercy, gay man. Usa ca palautang.
  • da The only ornaments on his walls were a few engravings in black frames: one after Leonardo da Vinci; one after Titian; and four, I think, by Hogarth, about whom he has written so well.
  • ea Of the same assurance was Julius Scaliger in his Exercitations, Ursam foetus informes potius ejicere, quam parere, si vera dicunt, quos postea linctu effingat: Quid hujusce fabulae authoribus fidei habendum ex hac historia cognosces; In nostris Alpibus venatores faetum Ursam cepere, dissecta ea faetus plane formatus intus inventus est. And lastly, Aldrovandus who from the testimony of his own eyes affirmeth, that in the Cabinet of the Senate of Bononia, there was preserved in a Glass a Cub taken out of a Bear perfectly formed, and compleat in every part.
  • ga Misses Anna L. and Abbie L. Manning, for Thomasville, Ga . 10.00
  • ha It must be lots of fun, Mrs. March, to dash off a rhyme just to while away the time-ha, ha , ha !
  • ia James B. Morris, second lieutenant, Des Moines, Ia . Cleveland Morrow, first lieutenant, U. S. Army.
  • la 137-139, 143 La Staffa family, the, iii.
  • Ah Ah, how're you-quite a surprise!
  • S 1141. Harbledon S . Nicholas.
  • AF On the other hand, there are important large families of solutions which are asymptotically flat, such as the AF Weyl vacuums and their rotating generalizations, the AF Ernst vacuums (the family of all stationary axisymmetric and asymptotically flat vacuum solutions).
  • AP Gray, whose "Bard" indicates the inspiration with which he had seized the poetry and traditions of the Cymri, thus refers to the red dragon as the cognizance of the Welsh monarchs, in his Triumphs of Owen [ap Griffith, Prince of North Wales]:
  • AW "Aw, my dear, yew mustn't talk to I so larned like.
  • AM "I am," replied Allerdyke.
  • unamazing