What is the correct spelling for ABDU?

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Correct spellings for ABDU

  • ab The three imperial secretaryships, a rationibus, a libellis, and ab epistulis, covered a vast field of administration, and the duties of these great ministries could only have been performed by men of great industry, talent, and diplomatic adroitness.
  • aba By the head-ring of the Great Great One, were I but armed as ye are, I would keep the whole of this kraal howling like dogs the long night through-I, Sobuza, of the Aba Qulusi-I alone.
  • abbe Que nous sommes attrappes," said the Abbe , scarcely able to avoid laughing at the situation in which they were placed.
  • abc Such a situation might easily be hopeless for an organism reacting directly to the stimulus abc , and yet be easily met by a free knowledge of d.
  • abed A light behind the drawn curtains of the officer's house told that his man was not abed , but he waited a long moment after his summons before the door was opened, during which he heard the occupant moving about and another door close in the rear.
  • abel "'Where shall we take 'em to, Abel ?
  • abet But with some one I could confide in, some one who would know everybody in the island and a good deal about them, and who could advise and abet me, it seemed heavy odds against my vanished friend evading me for long.
  • abide "He cannot abide the place," said Repton, when talking the matter over with Massingbred.
  • able I'd like to know what made you think I wasn't able to take care of myself.
  • ably Life in Washington has been frequently and ably depicted; for instance, in Mrs. Burnett's Through one Administration.
  • abm Byron has recently signed a deal with Ashdown Amps for equipment of the ABM range.
  • abode When they left the humble abode of this mother, they talked of their own mothers, of home and its sweet recollections.
  • about Tell me all about him.
  • abut For it lay across a sterile tract-the great gypsum bed of North-western Texas, on which abut the bluffs of the Llano Estacado.
  • ada And Ada herself was quite able to hold up her end.
  • add When the Latitude left and the difference of Latitude are both North or both South, add them.
  • ado He sent the maid into the cellar and the larder and made her bring all that was to be found in the house, in spite of the entreaties of his visitors not to make so much ado for them.
  • aid We love your work and will aid you all we can.
  • aide He may be what they call an aide .
  • apt
  • bad Do you care when I'm bad ?
  • bade So I bade Mr. Simpkinson good-bye, and went out on the steps, and the fresh air felt good to me.
  • baud One method is to use baud .
  • bud And, what's furthermore, you've got your face swoll up so's you won't be able to dance to-morrow night; and that iodine won't wash off; and the act is crabbed in the bud -do you get me?
  • opt
  • urdu Certainly Carlin was unattainable-this was an often recurring thought as he learned Hindi from her and something of Urdu ; the usages of her world, its castes and cults.
  • And And they knew why.
  • Uptie
  • Wept
  • Whipt The child of civilization that would stain even a shoe or a stocking with one spot of that mud, would probably be whipt by the nurse: savage children are not subject to that sort of restraint.
  • Abda
  • Abdi
  • Abdul Take all precautions and notify Abdul ."
  • Abe "There's several rumors afloat that maybe you can confirm or deny," broke in Abe Chester shortly.
  • Aldo He it was, moreover, who saved the life of Aldo Manuzio, the famous Venetian printer, when he was arrested by the French as a spy in 1506. From the foregoing particulars it will be seen that President Charles was alike learned, brave and skilful.
  • Aida The voice of the hidden tenor rose in "Celeste Aida !"
  • Abby I dropped the name of Markham and took yours, asking Abby to call me simply Miss Bigelow to her friends.
  • Andy He'd have said to himself: "My G-, that can't be her with Andy Durham from that little jerk water bank down in Russellville.
  • Audi Iterum audi Peile, 'dog's-eared.
  • Abdu
  • ABS He niver cud larn his a-ah-bee, abs.
  • BTU There also would need to be a large stone island-say a Brandy Craig- with a couple of sinks and-depending on what he wanted-maybe another high Btu stovetop there.
  • ABBR Buss may refer to: Buss (surname), a family nameHerring buss, a small fishing boatKiss, the pressing of lipsBuss Island, a phantom island in the North Atlantic OceanBuss (abbr), abbreviation for bussbar, a larger current carrying conductor
  • AB'S There was a gratified smile on Ab's face as he thanked him.
  • BATU These small shell-fish are not limited to the Lake of Batu .
  • unamazing

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