What is the correct spelling for ABEDED?

If you are trying to type "abeded" but it keeps getting flagged as a misspelling, there are a few possible corrections you can try. Consider alternatives like "abided", "abated" or "aided". Double-checking spellings and using a reliable dictionary can help ensure accurate and error-free writing.

Correct spellings for ABEDED

  • Abased The professor's harsh criticism abased the student's confidence.
  • Abated The storm abated just in time for the outdoor event to proceed as planned.
  • abed I found myself abed and wondering why my alarm hadn't gone off yet.
  • Abetted He abetted the thief in the robbery of the store.
  • abide As a responsible citizen, it is important to abide by the laws and regulations of your country.
  • abides As a responsible citizen, she always abides by the law.
  • abode After a long journey, they finally reached their new abode in the countryside.
  • abodes The forest abodes were home to many different species of animals.
  • abraded He had abraded his knee in the fall.
  • abused She felt abused when her boss yelled at her for no reason.
  • added She added the final touch to the painting by adding a small flower in the corner.
  • aided I was aided by my friend to complete the project on time.
  • beaded The beaded necklace perfectly matched her dress for the evening.
  • bedded I bedded down in the warm, cozy blankets and fell asleep within minutes.
  • Boded The dark clouds boded bad weather.
  • Obeyed He obeyed his mother's rule to always wear a helmet while riding his bike.