What is the correct spelling for ABILIES?

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Correct spellings for ABILIES

  • ability By its aid the family, it may be said, had lived and moved; now they were left helpless in a land of strangers, without the ability to go on or return, without money or a single friend to whom to appeal.
  • ablaze The building itself was ablaze with light, every class receiving in its own room except the Dickens Class, which had so many representatives that it made use of the large room at the top of the house.
  • able But there's one thing you might be able to tell me."
  • alias Let me introduce you, Wilderspin, to my kinsman, Henry Aylwin of Raxton Hall, alias Lord Henry Lovell of Little Egypt-one of Duke Panuel's interesting twinses.
  • allies "Our secret service-and her allies ," one of the other men murmured.
  • aloes Above the hut, their appearance was truly formidable; dark ivy crept among the crevices, and dwarf aloes with sharp spines, such as Lucifer himself might be supposed to have sown.
  • bilious The acrimony of his style on these occasions acquired him the appellation of "Bilious Bale," and it was applied to him with singular propriety.
  • bliss Worthy the highest bliss , with happiness O bless her!
  • blues Besides that, why sit ye here with the blues , ye favored sons and daughters of men?
  • Abilities No, one with such abilities must not be killed.
  • Abler In doing this, I shall immediately make Room for an abler Man.
  • Bellies Down came the whip again, and the great team, with the saddle horse beside them, raced with bellies low to the ground.
  • Bullies He is a country gentleman, educated in the traditions of Rugby and Oxford at a time when those institutions had not succumbed to the subtle evils of our times, whereby the weak are corrupted into effeminate fools and the strong into abominable bullies.
  • Bibles One night the rabbins attempted to take away their bibles and other books, but they received a hint of their intention, and sent the books to Fitz's house.
  • abides Mrs. Banfield gazed at the basket with the air of one who, seeming to yield, yet abides by her convictions.
  • abolishes When one abolishes food prejudices and "eats everything" that is wholesome, the possibility of securing a well-balanced meal to meet the needs of the body is increased.
  • fables Among all the rumours, gentlemen, that have reached you, through all the tales and fables kindled from my unhappy notoriety and my approaching doom, I put it to you, if you have heard that I have committed one sanguinary action or one ruinous and deliberate fraud.
  • obliges My misfortune obliges me to submit.
  • applies "The sooner it's over, the sooner to sleep," applies , of course, to horses as well as hard-worked men.
  • bills Fifty-four dollars in bills .
  • tables As soon as these had been given the boys seated themselves at one of the tables and in a brief time were served with a simple breakfast.
  • alibis Of course, he'll be able to prove that he was not the Masquer on previous occasions; his alibis will take care of that.
  • sables Her close-fitting jacket, gloves, and a short cape of sables were collected; she gazed finally, thoughtfully, about the room, and then, with a subdued whisper of skirts, descended the stair.
  • ambles And when do you want to move in to Ambles ?
  • belies And yet, the subject of the philosophy lives,-he belies it with his physical vigour and moral action.
  • BAILS From her I went direct to the Sanitary Commission, and found a large house full of salaried clerks and porters, and boxes, and bails, although this was not their storehouse.
  • AILS "What ails the fouk, think ye?
  • ALES
  • GABLES It's further along the road, about a quarter of a mile beyond White Gables .
  • cables The Cables left San Francisco on the following day, accompanied by the Harbins and Graydon Bansemer.
  • aisles Now at this end of the car the train boy had left his basket, in which were a number of toys, that he walked up and down the aisles with, selling.
  • bales Thousands of bales of silk and tons of rare curios were already safe in the foreign warehouses at the Shameen or had been carried down the river to Hongkong.
  • Baileys The McClintocks, the Dudleys, the Baileys , pioneers of my father's generation, have entered upon their final migration to another darkly mysterious frontier.
  • boles The moonlight seems to drip down the boles of the monarchs of the wood like molten silver, to lie here and there upon the underbrush around their feet.
  • ablest Lucknow at the outbreak of the mutiny was fortunate in the possession of one of the ablest army commanders in the Indian service.
  • arch-fiend
  • arch-fiends
  • arch-way
  • archaicisms
  • archaisms
  • archnesses
  • ardencies
  • arduousnesses

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