What is the correct spelling for ABITIY?

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Correct spellings for ABITIY

  • abate I stood for a time waiting for the storm to abate somewhat, when he suddenly asked me what State I came from; I answered "from Michigan."
  • abating It is afflicting to own that our agitation and distress, instead of abating , are increased.
  • abattoir Across the biology of life, as if to shut out the loathsome facts of an abattoir , a curtain of dreadful portent was drawn before Lilly's clear eyes.
  • abbey She helped to found the Irish National Theatre Society, and for a number of years has been the managing force of the celebrated Abbey Theatre in Dublin.
  • abbot He is far in advance of many a bishop or abbot or Christian baron of the middle age.
  • abed It's getting late, and your folks will be abed .
  • abet One and all of us are bound to aid you, abet you, and obey you, so long as you own and wear the yellow cap.
  • abide We have chosen our lot, and we must abide by it, whatever comes.
  • abiding And ye have not His word abiding in you: for whom He sent, Him ye believe not.
  • ability I have, as I have said, absolute confidence in the good sense, spirit of fair-play, and ability of reasoning judgment of my people.
  • ably The other attempted to explain and was ably assisted by two friends, but without avail; the impression left on Mr. Wilks's mind being that somebody had got a shilling of his.
  • abort Few only of the pinheads grow to form the button, and the others abort , or cease to grow.
  • about Tell me about her.
  • abut Then to my office, where little to do, abut Mr. Sheply comes to me, so at dinner time he and I went to Mr. Crew's, whither Mr. Thomas was newly come to town, being sent with Sir H. Yelverton, a my old school-fellow at Paul's School, to bring the thanks of the county to General Monk for the return of the Parliament.
  • acuity The system of exercise adapted to the attainment of this end must embrace a judicious employment of every acuity belonging to the human organism; allowing none to depreciate by indolence; none to become enervated by incessant or overstrained exertion; but to maintain all in that natural and reasonable condition in which, while they are alternately relieved they are mutually strengthened.
  • ambit At St. Petersburg, Vienna, and elsewhere he had been vaguely conscious of these social changes; but they did not come within the ambit of his daily life, and so it had not mattered.
  • amity I hail, therefore, the success of that brief paper, as showing how much good may be done by a kind word, however feeble, when spoken in season-as showing how much dormant good-feeling actually exists in each country, towards the other, which only wants the slightest spark to kindle it into a genial flame-as showing, in fact, what I have all along believed and asserted, that the two nations would grow together in esteem and amity , if meddling and malignant spirits would but throw by their mischievous pens, and leave kindred hearts to the kindly impulses of nature.
  • anti I think-' She hesitated; what she was going to say had something of the anti -climax in it.
  • arbiter It was his good practice to be the peaceful arbiter of the disputes occurring in the village, and, as he took his boy with him when he went out, he made the child familiar with all the quarrels of the parish.
  • arty In spite of his uncouth dress, Arthur or Arty was a fine-looking little fellow, and though modest, was by no means awkwardly shy; so the small folk got along very well together.
  • bait They had been lucky with their lines and bait .
  • batty The other Englishmen at Fort 9 all lived in Room 42. They were Major Gaskell, Captain May, Captain Gilliland, Captain Batty Smith, Lieutenant Buckley, together with Lieutenant Bellison, a Frenchman, who spoke English with complete fluency, though with a bad accent.
  • biddy The men mostly, however, endeavoured to release themselves by leaving their coats in the women's hands, exclaiming- "Let me get at them, Biddy .
  • bit Take this bit too.
  • bite And he smiled, but immediately began to bite his lips in order not to weep, as he really was hungry.
  • biter It's biter bit, and I don't pity you one mossel; it sarves you right.
  • bitty When our two oldest kids were little bitty kids, and we had this two-holer off down there under the shade of a mesquite tree, Ima said to me one day, "I wish you would go down there and peep and see what those kids are doing.
  • butty Sam Thorpe; but if you ever want anybody to help you out of a scrape, an' I reckon that'll happen before many days, ask for Bill's butty .
  • habit To tell the truth, it may be only a habit with me.
  • obit In the central aisle a similar slab marks the resting-place of Dom Thedoricus Ruynart-obit 1709-an ancestor of the Reims Ruinarts, and little square stones interspersed among the tiles with which the side aisles of the church are paved record the deaths of other members of the Benedictine brotherhood during the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • orbit He had not sought her out in all that great West; he had been content with his dream of the Zen of years gone by; if Fate had brought him once more within the orbit of his star surely Fate had a purpose in all its doings.
  • Betty You can be sure that so long as I have a home Betty shall have one too.
  • Abbott He was with Miss Abbott three years, and she acknowledges herself under great obligations to him.
  • Abby Old Mrs. Plum did not know I was married, for Abby was as anxious to keep the secret as I was myself.
  • Artie "Artie," he cried, "you go below, or I'll just gently heft you down!
  • abets But let him be who or what he will, he abets a faction that is driving hard to the ruin of his country.
  • abuts On the southern shore of the lake of Urumiah the edge of the plateau of Iran abuts on the Armenian table-land, and then, stretching to the south-east, it bounds the river valley of the Tigris toward the east.
  • ATTY Go, Atty and Titia; your aunts and I will send word to the nursery by-and-by."
  • obits I have a Reversion coming some day; I don't dabble in post obits ."
  • adjuvants Freund’s adjuvants are normally mixed with equal parts of antigen preparations to form stable emulsions.

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