What is the correct spelling for ABOULE?

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Correct spellings for ABOULE

  • abbe The Abbe had visited the rooms once before, during a brief passage of the Marquis, soon after his wife's death in Paris.
  • abel "Oh, Uncle Abel , if I might, indeed, be your son again!
  • able "You'll never be able to believe what's happened!
  • ably On the morning of the 18th, the Emperor having not as yet made his submission, it became necessary to compel him to obey, and steps were being taken to complete the work so ably begun, when several of the greatest chiefs of Theodore's army made their appearance, stating that they came in their own name and in that of the soldiers of the garrison, to lay down their arms and surrender the fortress; they added that, Theodore, accompanied by about fifty followers, had made his escape during the night.
  • abode She hurried in and closed the door on Gustave, who remained in the street, poor fellow, unable to make up his mind to leave his fair one's abode .
  • about What did you wish to say about that?
  • above I don't think there were any who were much above me.
  • abuse Loud shouts of laughter burst from the people, mingled with no small amount of abuse hurled at Chacot for the trick he had played them.
  • afoul "Why, Richard," said he, filling his glass, "had you run afoul any other man in London, save perchance Selwyn, you'd have been drinking the bailiff's triple-diluted for a month to come.
  • ale The helper was there, and as the extra work would fall to his share that night, there was an excuse for giving him a glass of ale , of which he partook, nothing loth.
  • aloe Luckily for him the rhinoceros never turned, but crashed straight through the aloe bush, only missing the man who had jumped into it by about a yard.
  • amble The horses, which by dint of slipping and sliding had encompassed the descent at a good pace, were so winded that we could get no more than an amble out of them, saving mine, which was tolerably fresh.
  • arbour This arbour had formerly been a favourite retreat of old Herr von Wangen; from it he could see far over his meadows and fields; here he was wont to sit with his pipe and book through the long summer hours, overlooking his people at work; and hence it had come to be called 'the master's arbour .
  • bale However, we must remark that Dr. Macgennis is certainly not responsible for the appointment of this unworthy apostate to the see of St. Canice; and the antecedent character of Bale seems to have been wholly unknown in Ireland, especially in the Irish districts of the island.
  • bauble "She is engaged of her own freewill: nor can she ever be yours; but I speak, I know, to one of too superior an understanding to mourn for what he will soon learn to consider at its true value, a glittering, a tempting, but an empty bauble .
  • bile When it fixed in the stomach, it upset it; and discharges of bile of every kind named by physicians ensued, accompanied by very great distress.
  • blue "He showed up here yesterday morning, darling, out of the blue .
  • boil Oh, go and boil yourself!
  • boiler You cook it in a double boiler until it is thick.
  • bola Since that time, they had enjoyed the blessing of peace; the people seemed to be as happy as any under heaven; and well they may, for they possess not only the necessaries, but many of the luxuries of life in the greatest profusion; and my young man told me that hogs, fowls, and fruits, are in equal plenty at Bola -bola, a thing which Tupia would never allow.
  • bole As they passed under the shadow he saw the dusky outline of a rustic seat leaning against the bole of the tree, and he wondered if he should ever induce his present guide through the darkened paths to come there some moonlight evening, and listen to the fancies which her unexpected appearance had occasioned.
  • boll The boll weevil very nearly baffles us.
  • boole Now, in my belief, and that of De Morgan and the late Professor Boole , nothing so ruins the mind as to accustom it to think that it knows something when it can attach no definite ideas to the symbols over which it chatters.
  • bowl I waited till the last man had entered, and then said, "Before we settle down to a bowl and a yarn, captain, I should like to show you this ship.
  • bowler Inspector Campbell, dressed in a shabby suit and rusty bowler , his dirty white shirt innocent of tie, had acquired a new face, a bright red, oily, eager one, and a high, squeaky voice.
  • boyle This gas had been discovered before his time by the chemists Paracelsus and Boyle , who had found out that in placing iron or zinc in contact with an acid called sulphuric acid, there was disengaged an air "like a breath."
  • bull And so he made Guleesh and the Princess come in and sit down, while Guleesh told him the whole story, and not a word of it would he have believed only there was the Pope's bull that he couldn't deny, and so at long last he had to believe all that Guleesh told him.
  • cable But I could not tell him about my father's cable until I knew what answer I had received.
  • fable The Moral of the foregoing Fable , my deare Aunt, is this-We must love Work better than Play."
  • gable All around were the old houses of the square; there was the church and the pastor's house, and the house and office of the notary, and many other houses standing very close together, with high-peaked roofs and gable windows.
  • kabul Meanwhile the first column under Nicholson escaladed the breaches near the Cashmere gate, and pushed along the ramparts toward the Kabul gate, carrying the several bastions in the way.
  • noble Noble and splendid love had spoken in that-such love as few women are lucky enough to get.
  • oboe "Try the oboe , Herr Kapellmeister," suggested Sven, and this was received with noisy signs of joy.
  • ovule The female cellule, the ovule , preserves its individuality and absorbs the masculine cellule, or is impregnated by it.
  • sable This is the most wonderful sable I ever saw."
  • tabbouleh
  • table "There they are on the table .
  • Abler You will soon find yourself a more successful, more self-respecting, abler man or woman.
  • Ebola
  • Abdul For some time Abdul Jemalee gave way to sullen despair, and took every sort of abuse and cruel treatment with apparent indifference, but, as time went on, a change came over him.
  • Abe Our suspicion, although we have no proof, is that he killed Comrade Abe Baker, when Baker approached him on his stand in regard to the Party's long view."
  • Ole I wore dat watch myse'f; Miss Nannie was standin' by me, a-clappin' her han's an' laughin', an' when dat watch an' chain came out she jes' th'owed de chain over my neck an' stuck de leetle watch in my bosom, an' says, 'Dere, you dear ole mammy, go look at you'se'f in de glass an' see how fine you is.
  • Mable
  • AOL

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