What is the correct spelling for ACORRED?

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Correct spellings for ACORRED

  • accord Louie had heard the expression "second self"-well, this, "second self" or not, was certainly a curious accord .
  • accoutred "And who is the richly-accoutred man upon the brown charger, with the wolfs head upon his helmet?
  • accrue On the third day I saw plainly that Marina wished to make a conquest of her colleague, and feeling what great advantage might accrue to her from it I resolved on helping her.
  • accrued At Rome this bold move was naturally looked upon with pleasure, especially by the numerous enemies of Tiberius, either because boldness in politics rather than prudence always pleases those who have nothing to lose, or because it was felt that the glory which accrued to Germanicus might offend the emperor.
  • acquired And the acquired tones had come into her voice again.
  • acre Naturally I went to Long Acre .
  • acres Then there is Mr. Ryan, he ought to be well off; he farms thousands of acres .
  • acrid Its captain was Bartholomew Sharp, described as "an acrid -looking villain whose scarred face had been tanned to the color of old brandy, whose shaggy brows were black with gunpowder, and whose long hair, half singed off in a recent fight, was tied up in a nun's wimple.
  • adored Virtue with her is a real existence, and as such must be adored .
  • agreed See you there," Cal agreed .
  • aired She vanished again and Jane passed up the stairs with a pile of newly aired linen.
  • armored So, for a moment, the three stood looking straight into the square before them, and then it was plain that they suddenly became conscious of untoward events, and Messer Simone forgot his triumph, and Messer Folco his pride, and Madonna Beatrice her misery, when they saw Dante standing all armored in front of them, and behind him the triumphant faces of the Company of Death.
  • corrode She almost laughed to think how she had allowed so small a thing as the secret which Max could not tell her to corrode and eat into the heart of happiness.
  • cred
  • creed It seems to me that the object of his religious mission is, not the placing of the creed of one Christian Church before another, although there is no doubt the holiness of the life he leads is strictly Catholic.
  • cured "He was cured after long months.
  • sacred But is it not written in the sacred Book that with the dawn comes joy?
  • scarred From where he stood, the Prince could see a yard Paved with old slabs and cobbles cracked and scarred Where weeds had pushed, and tiles and broken glass Had fallen and been trodden in the grass.
  • scoured Her stiff demeanour, however, changed suddenly as she darted to a corner and produced a bit of rag carpet, on which she requested the visitors to stand, as her room had been freshly scoured for Sunday.
  • Accorded Opinions, even of the most eminent, while accorded the respect due to their reputation, should therefore be brought to the test of personal reflection.
  • Acted They acted the Aulularia, you know, in King's Chapel on the Sunday evening.
  • Augured All through this enquiry the Vekeel had kept silence, but the defiant gaze, assured of triumph, which he fixed on Paula and Orion alternately, augured the worst.
  • Averred When young Mr. Schneidekoupon called upon Senator Ratcliffe to invite him to the dinner at Welckley's, he found that gentleman overwhelmed with work, as he averred, and very little disposed to converse.
  • Cared He had not cared whether he ever got up or not.
  • Carried Then the men took hold of the pipe that the cat had been in at first, and they lifted it, one at each end, and they carried it and put it down beside the trench.
  • Encored They encored it; and his compliance fixed them in my memory.
  • Erred She was ill at ease; she felt sure she had erred in interrupting these two men; she was glad of an excuse to leave.
  • Gored The gored skirt was a fearful job, as any one who has ever plunged into the mysteries will testify; and before the facing, even experienced Pris quailed.
  • Incurred He lived splendidly, and spent money freely when he had it; incurred debts with great facility when he had not-debts which he did or did not pay, as the case might be.
  • Jarred The daylight was harshly bright, and the unbroken lines of pictures in their glaring gilt frames, annoyed and jarred upon the eye.
  • Oared A four-oared galley hovering about in so unusual a way as to attract this notice was an ugly circumstance that I could not get rid of.
  • Occurred "You will not blame me, senhor, for what has occurred.
  • Scored You've done a big thing, and scored a success.
  • Cried "Oh, look here," he cried.
  • Curried The cattle should be kept clean-curried each day, and rubbed off with a damp cloth before milking.
  • cored
  • majored

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