What is the correct spelling for ADDORE?

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Correct spellings for ADDORE

  • add You have learned what she was; to what you already know I will add one or two things I picked up later.
  • adder And as it chanced, a knight of the king's side was bitten by an adder in the foot, and hastily drew forth his sword to slay it.
  • addle As you may have noticed, most of the miserable creatures on the wrong side of a bar adopt one of two reprehensible courses: either they treat drinking as though the aim of blending liquids were to imitate some French chef's fiddlefaddle-a dash of bitters, a squirt of orange, an olive, cherry, or onion wrenched from its proper place in the saladbowl, a twist of lemonpeel, sprig of mint or lump of sugar and an eyedropperful of whisky; or else they embrace the opposite extreme of vulgarity and gulp whatever rotgut is thrust at them to addle their undiscerning brains and atrophy their undiscriminating palates.
  • address I ask you as a gentleman, Denville, to address her and ask her if she will be my wife."
  • adduce We might further adduce the imprimatur of our own Church, by her act of Convocation appending it to all the ecclesiastical establishments in the land, as giving to Foxe's work, an additional claim of regard.
  • adhere Commence a short distance from the lower end of the petals-for where the paint is applied the wax will not adhere .
  • adjure I have the utmost sympathy with, and regard for, them; but I most earnestly adjure them solemnly to weigh their responsibilities and to see that when their new government is started it shall run smoothly, and with freedom from flagrant denial of right on the one hand, and from insurrectionary disturbances on the other.
  • admire We admire still more the tortoise's determination to right itself.
  • ado On this particular day Louie had had much ado to free herself from Burnett Minor's affectionate clutch.
  • adobe Thompson of Angels, smoking a meditative pipe at noon on the trail noticed the repairing of the old adobe house, casually spoke of it on his return to his work, without apparent concern or exciting any comment.
  • adore No wonder that her children adore her, for never was there so devoted a mother.
  • adored The good woman who was gone would have shed hot tears if she could have come to life and seen how her son was living; but she would have died again, could she have seen the husband she adored in the places where many had seen him since her death.
  • adorer When the Duchess of Kendal returned to her home near Twickenham she was in constant expectation of a visit in some form from her lost adorer .
  • adorn If the weaving of the Phenicians at first copied the ancient Babylonian patterns, they began under the stronger influence of Egypt to adorn their pottery and metal-work after Egyptian patterns.
  • ardor Jael returned her embrace with ardor , but in silence, and with averted head.
  • are Now they are not."
  • ashore "If you didn't want Captain Nugent aboard with you why didn't you put him ashore ?
  • attire Now it was impossible for her to better her attire , therefore she had to go meet her daughter just as she was.
  • dare "If you dare to say that again I'll-" She broke off.
  • ordure
  • ore di petralana lu battadolu di chistu core AMORE GRANDE, DI PRIMA VOLTA L'APE SI SUCCHIA TUTTO IL MIELE DI QUESTO MIRTO AMORE BAMBINO, DI TUTTE LE ORE – Monti Di Mola by Fabrizio De Andre
  • udder Hichin' up the buggy, churnin' lots of butter Raise a barn on Monday, soon I'll raise an udder – Amish Paradise by weird al yankovic
  • Andre ANDRE, a man of twenty-nine years of age, full British uniform after the first scene, Mr. Hodgkinson.
  • Addie And, the day after Constance' arrival with Marietje in the grey-white blizzard, how surprised they all were when Addie telegraphed that he was coming, next day, with Uncle Ernst!
  • Audra
  • Audrey Audrey knew every room.
  • adders He who has a home provided with every luxury, and a comfortable bed; in whose house rules a lovely young woman whom he can call his wife-spends a lonely night in a damp, fungus-grown hut: wolves howl round him, and over his head adders creep slowly through the rush-woven roof.
  • adores Let your own heart, my Emily, be your reward; and know that your lover only forgets that he adores , to remember that he respects you.
  • odder "No, darlin', when Massa Grayson buy me in New Orleans, an' de odder gentleman buy Uncle Joe, we hab little girl four years ole, an' de ole missus keep her," sobbed Chloe, living over again the agony of the parting, "an' Dinah her chile."
  • adorers Well, now, the Curtis Fakenham of Captain Kirby's day had a good deal of his uncle as well as his father in him, the spirit of one and the outside, of the other; and, favoured or not, he had been distinguished among Countess Fanny's adorers : she certainly chose to be silent about the name of the assailant.

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