What is the correct spelling for ADOBY?

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Correct spellings for ADOBY

  • ab The angular velocity of the rolling cylinder, relatively to the plane of axes AB, is obviously given by the equation-
  • aba The American Booksellers Association (ABA) is a non-profit trade association founded in 1900 that promotes independent bookstores in the United States.
  • abbey Besides, who could have imagined any communication whatever between the Fox-Wilton household and the riotous party at Sandford Abbey ?
  • abbot Not only did the style and technique of the glass suit perfectly with the date and place required, but in another window of the chapel he found some glass, known to have been bought along with the figures, which contained the arms of Abbot Thomas von Eschenhausen.
  • ada "And call me Ada ," she said.
  • add He decided to add another to it by sitting with the family a while before he went up to his room.
  • ado And now that I see you really know more than I do, I will marry you without more ado ."
  • adobe It ran off his hair just as the rain ran off the thatched roof of their little adobe hut.
  • adore "You are a darling-like your silly old name which I adore !
  • adorn It is at his shop that those elegant cuttings on tinted and white glass, which adorn the windows of our southern steamboats, and add so much to their magnificence, are done.
  • adsorb
  • arbor 1938, its front face D being in line with the axis C of the arbor .
  • ardor "I'll see the clients, and work up the cases, Watts, and you'll make the speeches and do the social end," said Peter, making a rather long speech in the ardor of his wishes.
  • audibly "Yes," Vips replies, scarce audibly .
  • dab They carry mine to a stout red-faced lady with grey hair and a large apron, the latter convenience somehow suggesting, as she stood about with a resolute air, that she viewed her little pupils as so many small slices cut from the loaf of life and on which she was to dab the butter of arithmetic and spelling, accompanied by way of jam with a light application of the practice of prize-giving.
  • daub The only result was to daub with mud every possible side of that bale.
  • db
  • deb
  • derby
  • dub
  • ob
  • obey
  • obi
  • tabby
  • toby
  • Araby Well, if to me the story folks apply, I give up all I've got without a sigh: Not mine to cram down guinea-fowls, and then Heap praises on the sleep of labouring men; Give me a country life and leave me free, I would not choose the wealth of Araby .
  • Darby From each fireside some tired worker reached out his hand toward his most precious possession, his sea-boots, as his forefathers had done before him for two hundred years at the sound of "John Darby ."
  • Abe Later, Abe and another young man, William Berry, decided to become partners.
  • Abby Sue meant all right, she was only playing the plays of the world, said Eldress Abby , but you can well understand, Susanna, that we can't let our Shaker children play that way and get wrong ideas into their heads at the beginning.
  • Debby
  • OTB
  • DOB
  • unamazing

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