What is the correct spelling for AENDA?

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Correct spellings for AENDA

  • ada Ada laughed at this.
  • aeneid Nor had he before less happily rendered the 39th verse of the second Aeneid :
  • agenda Baltic Local Agenda 21 Forum Baltic Ports Organisation Baltic Sea Secretariat for Youth Affairs Baltic Sea States Subregional Cooperation Baltic Sea Tourism Commission Baltic University Progaramme Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB) CPMR Baltic Sea Commission European Bank for Reconstruction and Development European Investment Bank European Commission European Union for Coast Conservation Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission International Chamber of Commerce Keep Baltic Tidy Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic Environment Finance Corporation Nordic Investment Bank Union of the Baltic Cities United Nations Economic Commission for Europe United Nations Environment Programme Visions and Strategies Around the Baltic Sea 2010 World Bank World Business Council for Sustainable Development World Wide Fund for Nature If drafted will attend the Bush administration family agenda – M.I.A. by arcade fire
  • amend I understood him as taking the broad position, which I have maintained, and which Republican Senators have maintained, and which I think the country maintains, that under the Constitution, as amend ed, the freedman occupies precisely the same position as any man born in any State or Territory of the United States; and that was the object, if I understood the Senator from Maryland, of his moving to amend the Freedmen's Bureau Bill by striking out the words 'without distinction of color.
  • ana To the north, and immediately below, lies Santa Ana , the Brazilian sister-township of Rivera, that sends out its buildings almost to join walls with those of the Uruguayan.
  • anna "Of course we could," Anna declared.
  • anode
  • ant
  • edda
  • end
  • endear
  • endow
  • endue
  • enid
  • india
  • oneida
  • panda
  • Addenda Addenda pp. 357-360.
  • And "And the Khyber jezailchis?
  • Ind
  • Aida Anochetus diegensis Forel, 1912 †Anochetus dubius De Andrade, 1994 Anochetus elegans Lattke, 1987 Anochetus emarginatus (Fabricius, 1804) Anochetus evansi Crawley, 1922 †Anochetus exstinctus De Andrade, 1994 Anochetus faurei Arnold, 1948 Anochetus filicornis (Wheeler, 1929) Anochetus fricatus Wilson, 1959 Anochetus fuliginosus Arnold, 1948 Anochetus ghilianii (Spinola, 1851) Anochetus gladiator (Mayr, 1862) Anochetus goodmani Fisher & Smith, 2008 Anochetus graeffei Mayr, 1870 Anochetus grandidieri Forel, 1891 Anochetus haytianus Wheeler & Mann, 1914 Anochetus hohenbergiae Feitosa & Delabie, 2012 Anochetus horridus Kempf, 1964 Anochetus inca Wheeler, 1925 Anochetus incultus Brown, 1978 Anochetus ineditus Baroni Urbani, 1971 Anochetus inermis André, 1889 †Anochetus intermedius De Andrade, 1994 Anochetus isolatus Mann, 1919 Anochetus jonesi Arnold, 1926 Anochetus kanariensis Forel, 1900 Anochetus katonae Forel, 1907 Anochetus kempfi Brown, 1978 Anochetus levaillanti Emery, 1895 Anochetus leyticus Zettel, 2012 Anochetus longifossatus Mayr, 1897 Anochetus longispinus Wheeler, 1936 †Anochetus lucidus De Andrade, 1994 Anochetus madagascarensis Forel, 1887 Anochetus madaraszi Mayr, 1897 Anochetus maryatiae Nuril Aida & Idris, 2011 Anochetus maynei Forel, 1913 Anochetus mayri Emery, 1884 Anochetus menozzii Donisthorpe, 1941 Anochetus micans Brown, 1978 Anochetus minans Mann, 1922 Anochetus miserabilis González-Campero & Elizalde, 2008 Anochetus mixtus Radchenko, 1993 Anochetus modicus Brown, 1978 Anochetus muzziolii Menozzi, 1932 Anochetus myops Emery, 1893 Anochetus natalensis Arnold, 1926 Anochetus neglectus Emery, 1894 Anochetus nietneri (Roger, 1861) Anochetus obscuratus Santschi, 1911 Anochetus obscurior Brown, 1978 Anochetus orchidicola Brown, 1978 Anochetus oriens Kempf, 1964 Anochetus orientalis André, 1887 Anochetus pangantihoni Zettel, 2012 Anochetus pangens (Walker, 1859) Anochetus paripungens Brown, 1978 Anochetus pattersoni Fisher & Smith, 2008 Anochetus pellucidus [no authors], 1902 Anochetus peracer Brown, 1978 Anochetus princeps Emery, 1884 Anochetus pubescens Brown, 1978 Anochetus punctaticeps Mayr, 1901 Anochetus pupulatus Brown, 1978 Anochetus rectangularis Mayr, 1876 Anochetus renatae Shattuck & Slipinska, 2012 Anochetus risii Forel, 1900 Anochetus rossi Donisthorpe, 1949 Anochetus rothschildi Forel, 1907 Anochetus rufolatus Shattuck & Slipinska, 2012 Anochetus rufostenus Shattuck & Slipinska, 2012 Anochetus rufus (Jerdon, 1851) Anochetus ruginotus Stitz, 1925 Anochetus rugosus (Smith, 1857) Anochetus schoedli Zettel, 2012 Anochetus sedilloti Emery, 1884 Anochetus seminiger Donisthorpe, 1943 Anochetus shohki Terayama, 1996 Anochetus simoni Emery, 1890 Anochetus siphneus Brown, 1978 Anochetus splendidulus Yasumatsu, 1940 Anochetus striatulus Emery, 1890 Anochetus strigatellus Brown, 1978 Anochetus subcoecus Forel, 1912 Anochetus taiwaniensis Terayama, 1989 Anochetus talpa Forel, 1901 Anochetus targionii Emery, 1894 Anochetus testaceus Forel, 1893 Anochetus traegaordhi Mayr, 1904 Anochetus tua Brown, 1978 Anochetus turneri Forel, 1900 Anochetus validus Bharti & Wachkoo, 2013 Anochetus vallensis Lattke, 1987 Anochetus variegatus Donisthorpe, 1938 Anochetus veronicae Shattuck & Slipinska, 2012 Anochetus vexator Kempf, 1964 Anochetus victoriae Shattuck & Slipinska, 2012 Anochetus werneri Zettel, 2012 Anochetus wiesiae Shattuck & Slipinska, 2012 Anochetus yerburyi Forel, 1900 Anochetus yunnanensis Wang, 1993
  • Amanda "I wish we could dis-invite the company," she said to Amanda .
  • Anita "Anita," he said, "come here."
  • Edna
  • Wanda
  • Andy Andy rubbed his hands carefully on the sides of his trousers.
  • ends

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