What is the correct spelling for AFEW?

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Correct spellings for AFEW

  • ace When he got to Rosas the place was within an ace of surrender.
  • afar Lawrence Armitage, Hal Macy and the Crane had espied the girls from afar and come with winged feet to join them.
  • afro However, the Afro -American community was not very enthusiastic about the project.
  • aft I can't see much cargo around, but there is a way aft .
  • after Then after the man had asked, "Is there anything else you require, sir?"
  • age Most children of his age don't.
  • ale I never saw so many ale -houses together in my life.
  • anew His cousin's wife had the power of ever surprising him anew .
  • ape In the Punjab the ravens, which in many respects ape the manners of birds of prey, are now nesting.
  • are An' we are all His childther?
  • area One instinctively desires to reach a spot whence to overlook this broad area peopled by more than eight hundred thousand souls.
  • ate On the way he met Kali, who had gone to see whether the wicked Mzimu ate the meat offered to him the previous night.
  • aver But for the private satisfaction of so good a man, I left him out of doubt that we were man and wife, though I did not directly aver it.
  • avow Acknowledge, admit, and declare refer either to oneself or to others; all the other words refer only to one's own knowledge or action. To avow is to declare boldly and openly, commonly as something one is ready to justify, maintain, or defend. A man acknowledges another's claim or his own promise; he admits an opponent's advantage or his own error; he declares either what he has seen or experienced or what he has received from another; he avers what he is sure of from his own knowledge or consciousness; he gives his assurance as the voucher for what he avouches; he avow s openly a belief or intention that he has silently held. Avow and avouch take a direct object; aver is followed by a conjunction: a man avow s his faith, avouches a deed, avers that he was present. Avow has usually a good sense; what a person avow s he at least does not treat as blameworthy, criminal, or shameful; if he did, he would be said to confess it; yet there is always the suggestion that some will be ready to challenge or censure what one avow s; as, the clergyman avow ed his dissent from the doctrine of his church. Own applies to all things, good or bad, great or small, which one takes as his own. Compare CONFESS; STATE.
  • awe By this it may be seen that Betty had lost all her awe of the young soldier.
  • cafe Gertrud retired to a neighbouring cafe , and we sat and gasped under the glass roof of the verandah of the hotel while a hot waiter brought us boiling soup.
  • fe There I saw Long's Peak, Pike's Peak, and the Spanish Peaks, as mighty sentinels-watch towers-that had served as landmarks to many a weary traveler on the Santa Fe trail.
  • fee Now and then I make use of it, though I don't, as a rule, get a fee .
  • few It was as if she were only a few feet away.
  • fey Athena, to-night, was "fey."
  • safe We know they are safe with the One who loved little children; we know they are safe and waiting for us.
  • vfw
  • wafer Heat your wafer -iron on both sides, in a clear fire, but do not allow it to get red-hot.
  • Ave She may have been just as bad as they say she was, but you’d never believe it to look at her, and the sisters be’ave as pretty as pretty.
  • Aye Aye, aye, acushla, I know yer hope's in the boy, but don't give up.
  • Fer As fer 'er bein' 'aunted, that's all 'ellish nonsense.
  • Abe I allus held that Abe Veale was born a lucky one, fer nobody ever comes adapting my childer; an' how hey he kep' out o' jail all his days, if 'tisn't the luck?"
  • Amer Water can be obtained at that spot by digging wells in the dried-up beds of the rivers, in sufficient quantity to have induced the Beni Amer to make it their winter encamping-ground.
  • AF 4. Af -fect'ed, unnatural and silly.
  • AFC Jack Baldwin (chemist) (born 1938), British chemist Jack Baldwin (footballer) (born 1993), English footballer for Sunderland AFC Jack Baldwin (RAF officer) (1892–1975) Jack Baldwin (racing driver) (born 1948)
  • AFN
  • AW You'll have to show up, and you'll have to set 'em up, and-aw, thunder!
  • AFR 5326. 1151 Boissier, L'Afr.
  • SAFER It is a hard thing to live under suspicion, and until you have means of knowing, the other will be safer.
  • AFB Those east of the Mississippi were assigned to SACs other strategic air force, Eighth Air Force, which was reassigned to Westover AFB , Massachusetts, where it commanded all SAC bases in the eastern United States.
  • phew "Oh, I've had a time-phew!

2 words made from the letters AFEW

  • 3 letter words made from AFEW:

    awe, few.