What is the correct spelling for AFGHNIATN?

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Correct spellings for AFGHNIATN

  • abandon Abandon is a word of wide signification, applying to persons or things of any kind; abdicate and resign apply to office, authority, or power; cede to territorial possessions; surrender especially to military force, and more generally to any demand, claim, passion, etc. Quit carries an idea of suddenness or abruptness not necessarily implied in abandon, and may not have the same suggestion of finality. The king abdicates his throne, cedes his territory, deserts his followers, renounces his religion, relinquishes his titles, abandons his designs. A cowardly officer deserts his ship; the helpless passengers abandon it. We quit business, give up property, resign office, abandon a habit or a trust. Relinquish commonly implies reluctance; the fainting hand relinquishes its grasp; the creditor relinquishes his claim. Abandon implies previous association with responsibility for or control of; forsake implies previous association with inclination or attachment, real or assumed; a man may abandon or forsake house or friends; he abandons an enterprise; forsakes God. Abandon is applied to both good and evil action; a thief abandons his designs, a man his principles. Forsake, like abandon, may be used either in the favorable or unfavorable sense; desert is always unfavorable, involving a breach of duty, except when used of mere localities; as, "the Deserted Village." While a monarch abdicates, a president or other elected or appointed officer resigns. It was held that James II. abdicated his throne by deserting it.
  • affinity "But Reuben's affinity for patches may be no stronger than your own, Uncle Horace," said Evadne mischievously.
  • afternoon What are you going to do this afternoon, dear?
  • alienating Unquestionably, discussion was urgently needed, and Mr. Dillon was fully justified in emphasizing the mischief done in Ireland by alienating men's minds.
  • andean The heads of the Andean peaks of black water looked tall enough to brush the lowering soot of the heavens with the blue and yellow phosphoric fires which sparkled ghastly amid the bursting froth.
  • antenna The tiny antenna was a piece of stiff steel wire only two inches long.
  • argentina They began to wonder if he had gone to Palestine, or else to Argentina?
  • argentine No self-respecting Argentine would touch ripened meat or chilled or deep freeze stuff.
  • arlington Again, as I stood on the terrace of the Capitol that April afternoon, and looked out across the Potomac to the old Lee mansion at Arlington, while all the flags of Washington drooped at half-mast, a very different piece of verse somehow floated into my memory: "Walk wide o' the Widow at Windsor, For 'alf o' Creation she owns: We 'ave bought 'er the same with the sword and the flame, And salted it down with our bones.
  • fountain It is Christ dwelling in the heart by faith that is alone the fountain of living water.
  • indian Of the red men-those Indian-of them I have great fear.
  • offending Here I can exercise my rights of conscience, without offending any one.
  • officiating And there broad daylight revealed a circumstance that came as a shock to most of those who had followed the body from the church, but as an outrage to the officiating clergyman: the coffin bore no plate.
  • ugandan
  • uneaten At every table one animal, complete and undissevered, should give to the feast a unity of sentiment; and as many should gather around as were likely to leave none of it uneaten.
  • Affiliating He, however, attempts to show that all of them, including the germ of the Swan Maidens, are to be found in the East, and is successful in affiliating the Greek of Hahn, No. 15, with the two stories of the Arabian Nights mentioned above, as well as the Siberian version given by Radloff, iv.
  • Affinities Gradually those that had mutual affinities combined and separated themselves from the rest.
  • Antennae They do it by jabbing in those tiny, needle-like antennae to contact the victim's nervous system.
  • Attenuating Stung to the quick by an indiscretion which, as I did not yet know women thoroughly, seemed to me without example, I cast all fears of displeasing to the winds, related the adventure with all the warmth of an impassioned poet, and without disguising or attenuating in the least the desires which the charms of the Greek beauty had inspired me with.
  • Avaunt If aught thou carest to bring Before our council, leave forbidden ground, And there, where all have liberty, Speak,-but till then, avaunt thee!
  • Aventine So the personage, represented under the character of Cacus upon Mount Aventine, is by Livy said to have been a shepherd.
  • Igniting With the bark they formed a lean-to; and igniting the wood, they soon had a fire blazing.
  • Antonio But those used by John and Wendelin of Speier, and at a later date by Antonio Miscomini, were also good, as also were several of the founts used at Rome and Milan.
  • Antonia Her name is really Rossi-Antonia Rossi-but her intimate friends call her Nina.
  • beat bushes