What is the correct spelling for AGE18?

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Correct spellings for AGE18

  • ac [670] Proximus diebus equorum greges, quos in trajiciendo Rubicon Marti consacraverat, ac sine custodibus vagos dimiserat, comperit pabulo pertinacissime abstinere, ubertimque flere.
  • ace And they were within an ace of succeeding.
  • ag Redesignation as 913th Airlift Group and 913th Airlift Wing With the disestablishment of the 913ths active duty gaining command, the Military Airlift Command (MAC) in 1992, the 913th was redesignated as 913th Airlift Group (913 AG), with the Air Mobility Command (AMC).
  • agar Agar is a town in eastern Turkmenistan near the border with Afghanistan.
  • age It looks dreadfully at your age.
  • aged Died just as his book was printed, aged 72, a century before the birth of Newton.
  • ago "A few hours ago you did me the honor to listen to me.
  • ague Candido shivered as with ague.
  • ak AK = Athletics Kenya – Kenya ANA = Authorised Neutral Athletes ANZ = Athletics New Zealand – New Zealand APA = Association of Panamerican Athletics – North and South America ARAF = All-Russia Athletic Federation – Russia BAAA = Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations – Bahamas BFLA = Belarus Athletic Federation – Belarus CAA = Confederation of African Athletics CACAC = Central American and Caribbean Athletic Confederation – Central America and Caribbean CBAt = Confederação Brasileira de Atletismo – Brasil CISM = International Military Sports Council – Military athletics CONSUDATLE = Confederación Sudamericana de Atletismo – South America CTAA = Chinese Taipei Athletics Association – Taiwan DAF = Danish Athletics Federation – Denmark DLFV = 1949–1990 during the existence of East Germany DLV = Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband – Germany EAA or EA = European Athletic Association/European Athletics EAF = Ethiopian Athletic Federation – Ethiopia EKJL = Eesti Kergejõustikuliit – Estonia FCA = Federación Cubana de Atletismo – Cuba FFA = Fédération française dathlétisme – France FIDAL = Federazione Italiana di Atletica Leggera – Italy FISU = International University Sports Federation – Student athletics IAAF = International Association of Athletics Federations – World IAU = International Association of Ultrarunners IOC = International Olympic Committee – Olympics IPC = International Paralympic Committee – Paralympic athletics JAAA = Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association – Jamaica JAAF = Japan Association of Athletics Federations – Japan KNAU = Royal Dutch Athletics Federation – Netherlands OAA = Oceania Athletics Association NACAC = North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association – North America NCAA = National Collegiate Athletic Association – USA Colleges and Universities NFHS = National Federation of State High School Associations – USA High Schools RFEA = Real Federación Española de Atletismo – Spain TAC = The Athletics Congress, predecessor to USA Track & Field 1979–1992 – USA UKA = UK Athletics – United Kingdom USATF = USA Track & Field – USA WAVA = 1977–2001 World Association of Veteran Athletes – World Masters (athletes over age 35) WMA = since 2001 World Masters Athletics – World Masters (athletes over age 35) WMRA = World Mountain Running Association
  • ale The only difference between us was, that while I tried to put by what I could spare, Tim, whether single or married, always carried good part of his earnings to the ale-house.
  • ape He sprang from red oak to cork-tree and from cork-tree to red oak; he leapt from rock to rock, or lowered himself from ledge to ledge, gripping a handful of heath or a projecting stone, but all with the speed and nimbleness of an ape.
  • arc They were at one on most literary subjects, and especially so in their admiration of the life and character of Joan of Arc.
  • are Tell me how you are going to do it?
  • argo For Hera kindled within those sons of gods the all-persuading sweet desire for the ship Argo, that none should be left behind and stay by his mother's side in savourless and riskless life, but each, even were death the price, achieve in company with his peers a magic potency of his valour.
  • argue If you're not going to argue about words, what are you going to argue about?
  • ark These Professor Thorpe, whom the panting Ark conveyed nightly from the university to Storm and back again, eyed with a mixture of interest and dismay.
  • ate She went to the well and she looked for long at her image; she put a wreath of flowers on her head and she looked at her image again; she picked berries and ate them; she went along the path without hurrying, singing to herself.
  • aug Aug 16, 1877 492,789 Speaking Telegraph .
  • auger Many of these holes are as round and as cleanly cut as if they had been made with an auger.
  • auk So a mother Auk resumed The broken thread of speech: "Let colors sort themselves, my dears, Yellow, or red, or peach; The main points, as it seems to me, We mothers have to teach,
  • awe The astonished lad gazed in awe at the skipper, the gift was so unexpected, so unusual, he could not understand it.
  • ax Here's the only pet I'll ever ax to keep.
  • axe He pointed with his father's axe.
  • cage "That is, I hope it won't, though he often gets out of his cage.
  • eager "I am so eager to meet Mr. Medcroft.
  • edge Every temptation that comes to us He has felt the sharp edge of, and can overcome.
  • eeg chirp-like interference in spread spectrum communications, in EEG processing, and Chirplet Time Domain Reflectometry.
  • egg Not an egg; not a rush!
  • ego Brave indeed is the guru who undertakes to transform the crude ore of ego-permeated humanity!
  • gage S Franklin, 10. Gage County: 1 mi.
  • ge On the day that Comcast executive Steve Burke met with his new NBC employees, signifying the closing of the acquisition, an episode depicted the Kabletown sign being installed on the GE Building.
  • iago At moments Iago lives for us; drown cats and blind puppies ...
  • ike It was no fault of Earl's at all, and even the optimistic Ike had claimed no more than that he hadn't "allus bumped."
  • page Boy," he added, turning to a page boy, "get me a taxi as quick as you can."
  • rage He tingled with rage from head to foot, as if he had been struck in the face.
  • sage If a single man pulls up a sage tree at midnight on Christmas Eve a storm will arise and the man's future wife will appear.
  • urge He would urge them at once to accept it.
  • wage There can be no peace until the working class is triumphant in this struggle and the wage system is forever wiped from the earth.
  • Ave Whoy should the loikes o' them 'ave hall the luck, Whoile sech as me--? It's skendalus, I s'y 'tis, That-jest becos I ain't a bloomin' duck- Sercoiety don't grub and board me grytis!
  • Aye You look enquiringly at me-aye, boy!
  • Eke It might perhaps have been possible for Egyptian engineering skill to have blocked the valley at Silsilis, or at the Gebelein, and to have thus turned Upper Egypt into a huge reservoir always full, and always capable of supplying Lower Egypt with enough water to eke out a deficient inundation.
  • Abe Somebody lied, and it wasn't Abe.
  • Aggie "Jist as weel, Aggie," answered Cosmo.
  • ages These folk have been using this stuff for ages.