What is the correct spelling for AILE?

If you have mistakenly typed "aile", fear not! The correct word you might be looking for is "aisle". Aisle refers to a pathway often found in stores. This common misspelling can be easily rectified by replacing the 'e' with an 's.'

Correct spellings for AILE

  • able I am able to assist you with your task.
  • agile As an agile athlete, she was able to change direction quickly and effortlessly.
  • aide The president's aide briefed him on the current national security situation.
  • ail I fear that the athlete's injury may begin to ail him again.
  • Ailed She ailed from a chronic illness that caused her frequent pain.
  • AILS My sister continuously ails during springtime because of her allergies.
  • aisle I tripped over my own feet while walking down the aisle of the grocery store.
  • ale I love trying different varieties of ale at different breweries.
  • axle The car's axle broke and caused one of its wheels to detach while driving.
  • bile The doctor ordered a bile test to check for any liver or gallbladder problems.
  • file I need to organize the papers into a file.
  • mile We ran a mile today in PE class.
  • nile The ancient Egyptians believed that the Nile river was a sacred gift from the gods.
  • pile I need to fold this pile of laundry.
  • rile I didn't mean to rile her up, but my comment must have struck a nerve.
  • tile I need to replace the tile in my bathroom because it's cracked.
  • vile The smell from the old, spoiled food was vile and made everyone nauseous.
  • wile