What is the correct spelling for AIN?

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Correct spellings for AIN

  • ai Ai, caballero, you are most kind.
  • aid We will do all in our power to aid you, rest assured of that.
  • ail Ail his life he had breathed the salt air of the English Channel, the Atlantic, or the Pacific.
  • aim To the horror of his captain, he took careful aim and fired.
  • air There was something in the man's air to-day.
  • akin Closely akin to the comic genius is that of satire.
  • an 796. That is an old story.
  • awn Come awn -I can't stand to see him abusin' her no more.
  • bin "I thought about the little thing all that mornin'-layin' all alone up there in that room that wa'n't no bigger'n a coal-bin.
  • cain He stopped, and glaring at her, said, with a furious gesture: "And now, here you are, an impudent little girl who doesn't do the world a bit of good, sitting back there and laughing contentedly because you've suddenly popped up to raise Cain with me!"
  • din Debate may rage fast and furious day after day, but at last the din dies.
  • fain He had never before experienced any thing of the tender passion; and, as its morning dreams are always delightful, he would fain have continued in the delusion.
  • fin Fin and Shorty edged their way out, and Fossett settled to a story paper.
  • gain If we were strong enough to gain and hold part of the stores and one of the vessels, would ye let me lead ye away to some other island of our own, men?
  • gin See, here is some gin .
  • in 2062. Or in money?
  • jain There is a school connected with almost every Jain temple.
  • kin Had we known each other better, we should doubtless have loved each other better; but now that marriage will make us kin , I offer you my hand, with all it implies of regret for the past, and of respect for the future.
  • lin His wife, Lin , had given him a son named Ya-nei, or "In-the-Palace," who had that year reached the age of sixteen.
  • main When, therefore, they rode off, the boys were allowed by their mother to go and see the main body.
  • min You ought to do it out of gratitude for my cheering you up so nicely," said Min , leading the way.
  • pain "I will not give you more pain , at present, by saying any more.
  • pin During the traverse from the 'window' the leader can fix the rope over the 'belaying-pin.
  • rain Right now I can feel rain in the air."
  • sin We may be pure and good, and cease to exist; or we may sin , and let life continue.
  • tin "Martin can come with us.
  • vain In vain I looked down for them.
  • wain You're wain enough as it is, and you've no call to be.
  • win Well, she and I will win again some other time.
  • Ais Well was it for Hans Marais that he had concealed himself among tall grass, for Hintza chanced to pass within two yards of the spot where he lay.
  • Ain't "No, there ain't anything the matter," said the old man.
  • Ann Another steamer, named the "Ann," set off in search of us on Tuesday the 17th of October, 1854. Accident alone led the captain to steer in the direction of that very mountain under shelter of which our captors had chanced to anchor.
  • Lain I have lain out watching for deer all night in the late fall, with only a thin blanket to cover me, and gotten up so stiff with cold that I could hardly move; yet I did not "catch cold."
  • Yin "Lao Ting," exclaimed Sheng-yin, without waiting to make any polite reference to the former person's food or condition, "in spite of this calamity you are doubtless prepared to carry out the spirit of your oath?"
  • Ian Julian Hagstrom, it says.
  • AFN
  • algospasms

2 words made from the letters AIN

  • 3 letter words made from AIN:

    ain, ani.