What is the correct spelling for ALBAQUKE?

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Correct spellings for ALBAQUKE

  • aback I sang out, as I saw the head-sails almost aback.
  • abacus When Butas had gone out, he drew the sword and thrust it beneath his chest, but as he used his hand with less effect owing to the inflammation, he did not immediately despatch himself, and having some difficulty in dying he fell from the bed and made a noise by overturning a little abacus of the geometrical kind that stood by, which his attendants perceiving called out and his son and his friends immediately ran in.
  • abjure In 1523 his works were ordered to be burnt, and he was commanded to abjure his heresies.
  • alaska First there had been the tailor's bill; the fur-lined overcoat with cuffs and collar of Alaska sable had alone cost more than he had spent on his clothes for two or three years previously.
  • alb In the church is the figure of a tonsured priest, with chasuble, stole, and alb, supposed to be one of the early Vicars of Axmouth.
  • albacore
  • albania I had often read that it was the custom for women in South America, and in Albania, who have to accomplish long distances on horseback, to ride man fashion.
  • albanian These Albanian spirits, like the 'good people' and the Breton dead, have their own particular paths and retreats, and whoever violates these is struck and falls ill.
  • albany The Kaffre nation in most immediate contact with Albany and Somerset is- The Amakosa.
  • albumen When solutions of these substances are placed in sufficiently close contact with many animal products, albumen, milk, muscular fibre, and animal membranes, the acid or salt leaves the water in which it was dissolved, and enters into combination with the animal substance: which substance, after being thus acted upon, is found to have lost its tendency to spontaneous decomposition, or putrefaction.
  • albuquerque Jeronymo de Albuquerque fortunately happened to be on the north coast when news came of this alarming intrusion.
  • alga This curious Alga calls to mind in its colouring Caenocoleus Smithii, figured in English Botany, t.
  • alike "In most ways, at least in the important ways, as you said, we know each other and we think alike.
  • oblique He crossed over and took an oblique view of the windows behind the trees of the garden.
  • obloquy I could not go with them; but I had to face as much obloquy among my people by staying in the army as they had to face in going out.
  • Alack Alack, why am I sent for to a King, Before I haue shooke off the Regall thoughts Wherewith I reign'd?
  • Alba Then did the Sons of Usna decide to cross the Sea of Moyle, and in their own land of Alba to find a happy sanctuary.
  • Elba There was not only steam-heat in the public rooms of the ground floor, but there was furnace heat in all the corridors, and there were fireplaces in certain chambers, which also looked out on the sea, to Corsica and Elba and other isles of it, and would be full of sun as soon as the cold rain closed a fortnight's activity.
  • albums Candle-light showed in a window of the house next door to the saddler's, and Mavis thought of these neighbors-two sisters, old maids-who had a very, very little money of their own and who endeavored to add to what was barely enough for necessities by selling butterfly nets, children's fishing-rods, stamp albums, and picture post-cards.
  • amigas
  • are brought about
  • are brought out
  • are cleaned out
  • be beholden
  • believed in
  • bends to ones will
  • bends to will