What is the correct spelling for ALLLIED?

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Correct spellings for ALLLIED

  • alleged His whole character and life argue that he would not have spoken as he is alleged to have done, unless he had been conscious of the presence of an Indian within or by himself, putting forth, in part at least, the strength which raised and supported that heavy gun.
  • allele In population genetics, the allele frequency spectrum, sometimes called the site frequency spectrum, is the distribution of the allele frequencies of a given set of loci (often SNPs) in a population or sample.
  • alley The child of want, living up that dark alley, has not so much fresh air nor sees as many flowers as in winter-time.
  • allied The Allied forces could handle the one, but they were powerless before the other.
  • allies One of the greatest allies of the animal kingdom in warfare is the dog.
  • alloyed And yet even in the very homeliest doggrel of Heywood's or Shakespeare's time there is something comparatively not contemptible; the English, when not alloyed by fantastic or pedantic experiment, has a simple historic purity and dignity of its own; the dulness is not so dreary as the dulness of mediaeval prosers, the commonplace is not so vulgar as the commonplace of more modern scribes.
  • allude He did not allude to her ride home with Captain Headland, though she every moment thought he would speak of it.
  • applied He applied a light and the stove burnt!
  • balled If you ask me, we've already completely balled up.
  • bellied A certain gross-bellied fellow he plied with wine.
  • bullied He had never before submitted to being bullied by Ralston; but he submitted then, for speech was beyond him.
  • called I wonder why ever they called it that.
  • elide
  • galled It is no wonder that the Ambassador was galled to the quick by the outrage which those concerned in the government were seeking to put upon him.
  • jellied And missus say, she can't trust the bloaters about here bein' Yarmouth, but there's a soft roe in one she've squeezed; and am I to stop a water-cress woman, when the last one sold you them, and all the leaves jellied behind 'em, so as no washin' could save you from swallowin' some, missus say?"
  • lied To rock the other side, the sucker lied Said, he would shock but never tried – B Side Wins Again by public enemy
  • oiled
  • pallid It gave a curious effect to the pallid face.
  • sullied 4 To shadowy forms, and ghosts and sleepy things, Columbus, now with dauntless heart repair; You liv'd to find new worlds for thankless kings, Write this upon my tomb-yes-tell it there- Tell of those chains that sullied all my glory- Not mine, but their's-ah, tell the shameful story.
  • walled What we really have that is ancient there is a great walled green about six hundred feet square.
  • Ailed If anything ailed him would Cecilia tell her all the truth?
  • Allayed Whenever in those ancient governments we find the lower classes unable longer to bear the heavy yoke imposed upon them, revolting against a despotism which had grown insupportable, and claiming their natural rights, it was merely a surging of waves raised to mountain-height by the fury of a sudden storm, but soon allayed and subdued beneath the inflexible will of stern rulers.
  • Allowed How can one wait when one isn't allowed to wait?
  • Alluded Four new ports have been thrown open to general trade since 1855; and in 1869 the liberal tariff previously alluded to was issued.
  • Availed He bowed with silent submission; but once having quitted the house, a cunning smile was visible upon his face, and he availed himself of a stage-coach which was going in the same direction.
  • Dallied She had not dallied with heroes in her dreams.
  • Lolled He lolled back with the luxury of an utterly saddle-weary man.
  • Lulled Ellenora, so quick to notice her surroundings, was at first bored, then amused, at last lulled by the intimate life of her new home.
  • Palled My wife's beauty never palled upon me; she grew fairer with each day of possession.
  • Rallied Sigel could also see the rallied cavalry making a wide circuit over the prairie to gain the hights of Spring River and cut off his retreat Gen.
  • Sallied The next day, finding the matter serious, I sallied out and returned to the house of her parents, and remained there while the attack lasted.
  • Tallied They tallied; and then young Lomont spoke of the scar.
  • Allie It was because of Allie.
  • Ollie That week with Aunt Ollie remained a bright spot in Kate's memory.
  • Ellie "Oh, Miss Ellie," said he, "how you are grown!"
  • allured The vegetables in the gardens, the milk and cheese that I saw placed at the windows of some of the cottages, allured my appetite.
  • jollied He was good-natured and all the soldiers jollied him.