What is the correct spelling for ALLNESS?

If you are trying to spell "allness" correctly, here are some possible suggestions: "laziness", "carelessness", "happiness", "readiness" or "stillness". Double-check the context to choose the most suitable option. Proofreading and using spell-checking tools can help avoid misspellings and ensure accurate writing.

Correct spellings for ALLNESS

  • alleys
  • allies The two countries are strong allies in matters of defense and security.
  • dullness The dullness of his stories made the audience lose interest quickly.
  • fullness The cake's fullness of flavor was undeniable.
  • illness He has been absent from school for a week due to an illness.
  • maleness The concept of maleness has been studied extensively in various academic fields.
  • oldness She didn't like the smell of oldness in the air.
  • paleness Her paleness was concerning to her friends, who urged her to go see a doctor.
  • tallness She had a tallness about her which made her seem much taller than her actual height.
  • wellness The wellness program at the company includes gym memberships and healthy snack options in the break room.