What is the correct spelling for ALLOOW?

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Correct spellings for ALLOOW

  • aglow The first realization of actual victory, of reaching my lifetime's goal, set my heart throbbing violently and my brain aglow .
  • ail After ail , this was the point for the sake of which those laborious investigations had been undertaken.
  • al I tell you there's no use being a fool, Al .
  • ala "Ala, you go, but you come back here soon.
  • ale You'll feel fresher, after sluicin' your throats with a can o' our Uxbridge ale .
  • ali On discovering that Ali Bobo happened to have dwelt for a long time with an English merchant in Constantinople, and could speak a little of something that was understood to be English, he became intimate and communicative.
  • all What did it all mean?
  • allah Give the colonel sufficient aircraft and he'd begin snuffing out bedouin life like candles-and bring the Peace of Allah to the Ahaggar.
  • allay Sinn Fein saw this clearly and in its own way tried its best to allay Protestant fears and Protestant prejudices.
  • alley After a time he came out, and, going through a narrow passage made his way into an alley .
  • allot Aided by a council of his leading men, each chief administered justice and settled disputes; and it was his function to allot land to those who asked for a field to till, the land itself belonging to the tribe as a whole.
  • allow 9351. What price do you allow to women for kelp?
  • alloy Sometimes, as in the Rowton siderite, the whole object consists of little else; sometimes this alloy is in grains distributed through the mass.
  • ally But he stood firm in refusing his consent to a formal engagement between Sidney and his first cousin, and found an unexpected ally in Gwynneth herself.
  • aloe The aloe grows in the open ground.
  • aloof She came through quickly, although she had held very much aloof from these undesirable neighbors.
  • also 9164. Was his name on it in 1870 also ?
  • alto It was begun at the end of the sixteenth century, but is mentioned as being only "founded" in the 1586 and 1590 editions of Caccia, and the work seems to have got little further than the foundations, until in 1660 it was resumed; Fassola, writing in 1671, says that the chapel was "levata in alto da terra l'anno del mille, sei cento e sessanta," or about ten years before his book appeared; it was still in great part unpainted, and he makes an appeal to his readers to contribute towards its completion.
  • awl In Sheffield, the great cutlery manufacturing city, the same system is prevailing, and a woman whose business was awl -blade grinding, a strong woman of forty-five years of age, testified that she could only make six and a half shillings per week.
  • callow The conversation was certainly lacking in animation, he reflected whimsically; would the lady succeed in reducing him to the level of intelligence of a callow schoolboy?
  • ell We-ell, I don't know that I ever thought of that side of it; but you can imagine the feelings of the people in the farmhouse, who went to bed beside the ripples of a smiling little lake, and woke to find themselves near a great empty bog.
  • fallow "This section lay fallow a long time," replied Dorn.
  • halloo Any night he might hear the "Halloo" of the big man's voice.
  • hallow I have stood many a bad Hallow Fair, but the worst was about twenty years ago.
  • ill Let my throat be well or ill , I am going back;' and she is coming, Leo.
  • loo Loo turned and loo ked at Miriam, who had always met his glance with her thoughtful, steady eyes.
  • low The price is low enough, even with the goods payment.
  • mallow I don't know much about her, but the man goes by the name of Mallow .
  • sallow On the whole, they are pretty; though perhaps a little too pale and sallow .
  • shallow It was shallow water away to the eastward, by the salt-works.
  • tallow In the middle of the room stood two straw chairs, on one of which was a tallow candle stuck into a hollow potato, while the other was occupied by a woman dressed in the costume of a Vienna vegetable-vender.
  • wallow You can write and speak to farmers until doomsday about taking quick advantage of the exigencies of the markets that are dependent on them, but if they have to hunt for their horses in a hog-wallow road all your talk will be in vain.
  • Tallowy They said I was downright wicked, because one day I tore the dress off a girl who said my skin was tallowy, like my name.
  • Aldo In the room adjoining, Valeria was sobbing in Zio Giacomo's arms, and Aunt Carlotta was kissing Adele, and Aldo was shaking hands with everybody.
  • Allie "Allie, I shore will.
  • Gallo Here are the Duomo; the Palazzo del Comune, closely resembling that of Florence, with the Marzocco on its front; the fountain, between two quaintly sculptured columns; and the vast palace Del Monte, of heavy Renaissance architecture, said to be the work of Antonio di San Gallo .
  • Alloys Luckily, for you, madam, it was the man Smith who was killed when the alloys failed me.
  • allows It is interesting to note, as its position in the Gallery allows us to do, how completely Signorelli has now detached himself from the influence of his first master-outwardly at least. For all the cows It's funny how money allows – For All The Cows by foo fighters
  • AOL
  • ALPO

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