What is the correct spelling for ALLWOED?

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Correct spellings for ALLWOED

  • alleged He did not even show surprise; and not a word more: for he had heard stray words in Long Stow concerning Gwynneth's departure and its reason as alleged .
  • allied Is it likely that any man in my position would allow his family to be allied to a convicted criminal?
  • allot 6. The Central Committee to allot a sum of money to be paid annually to the Union.
  • allotted This is my allotted fate, and, had you not discovered me, it would never have been known.
  • alloyed "Ring money," he said presently, "might be Anglo-Saxon, might be anything; date absolutely uncertain, but from its appearance I should say slightly alloyed with silver; yes, there is a bit which has oxydized-undoubtedly old, that."
  • allude One of Stephen's eyes was still nearly closed, and both eyes were black and blue, and his right cheek had a bad bruise on it, but Peter thought it was wiser not to allude to the encounter.
  • aloud "It makes me feel desperate," she said half aloud to herself.
  • avowed Indeed, when he had avowed the girl in France, it was not so much a confession as a gallant desire to help Peggy out of her predicament.
  • awed A sudden awed gloom fell upon the party.
  • hallowed All their days will be hallowed by its tender remembrance, their work more fervent, their faith more enduring.
  • hollowed The grass in that place sloped upward from the path, and the ground was a little hollowed , in a sort of shell shape.
  • mellowed Farther on, they skirted another stretch of more friable and cleaner clods, shattered and mellowed by the frost, and then they came to a space of charred stubble.
  • plowed Another field, across the river, is cleared, but not yet plowed .
  • yellowed With the piece of board she turned it over, stared hard at the yellowed grass beneath, discovered nothing so very terrifying after all, and, in pure desperation, dragged the post laboriously down to the place where had been the woodpile.
  • Ailed "'T'is poor Martin's little boy I took home with me-he's lost father and mother this day;" and so saying, Owen hastened to see what ailed the child.
  • Allayed The moral to be drawn was that Ulster being part of Ireland was, however wayward and bitter, to be treated with consideration and respect; her fears for her safety to be allayed; even her prejudices to be considered and met; her incipient feeling of resentment against England applauded and encouraged.
  • Allowed The "my" here has been allowed to stand.
  • Alluded He could only, as was really the case, fancy that the Miss Pembertons and May herself supposed him to be aware of the truth, and had therefore not alluded to it.
  • Bellowed He bellowed the glad tidings over her head.
  • Billowed Beyond the lawns and buildings, gardens and orchards, the land billowed away into meadow and pasture and grain-field, with an insert of leafy grove where song-birds builded an Eden all their own.
  • Elbowed At a quarter before noon we left them and elbowed our way through the ever-gathering crowd towards our train.
  • Fallowed In 1873 they had less, yet the crops did well wherever the farmers had summer-fallowed the land.
  • Flowed Then his eyes grew dim, and down his cheeks flowed the tears.
  • Followed 8155. Is there not some system of that kind followed there?
  • Glowed We beat him in, she said, and fell to musing at the memory of those hours passed alone with Meade, while her eyes shone and her cheeks glowed.
  • Lowed The cow looked backward, and lowed.
  • Pillowed So the long morning wore away and the dying man still pillowed his head in Charlotte's lap.
  • Slowed For a moment the alien language had slowed Eddie's reaction to its contents, as had the shocking nature of its words.
  • Wallowed A British monitor wallowed on its way, rolling and plunging.
  • Elwood One is the public-land settlement of California, under the direction of Dr. Elwood Mead, and the other is the work of the Director of Immigration of Wisconsin, Mr. B. G. Packer.
  • allured When culture and science were broadly producing conviction that there is no hereafter for man, one came forth from the land of the departed, knocked on cottage walls, gained the ear of common people, allured hosts of other spirits to follow him to human abodes; and the numerous band of returning ones is now the only host which can effectually stop the hope-crushing advance of materialism, and furnish the world palpable demonstration of an hereafter for the souls of men.

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