What is the correct spelling for ALUGH?

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Correct spellings for ALUGH

  • ag Having made his decision, he wasn't going to cramp Bey-ag-Akhamouk's style with needless palaver.
  • ague The German wounded are in a terrible condition, covered in mud and blood, and shaking as men with ague .
  • ail This sort of thing went on, at more or less short intervals, ail day long.
  • al I guess she's the only one that ever snarled up Al Lovejoy so that he didn't know where he was at.
  • ala When they could not compel her to tell where she secured the baby, "Ala, we make balaua to-morrow," said the father and mother.
  • alar These two rivers supply water for two of the most successful canals in Spain, especially that along the Pisuerga, for over ninety miles from Alar del Rey to Valladolid.
  • alb Etymologically Alb erich is composed of alb elf and rich king.
  • ale Newspapers became less political, and their circulation extended from the coffee-houses, inns, and ale -houses to a new class of readers.
  • aleut The Aleut dies, an' I lose my ship.
  • alga Had he, incombustible, escaped from their boiling lava, in order to inhabit each in turn the cell of granite and of the alga before he dared show his nose to the world?
  • algae I uttered an exclamation of vexed disappointment when, with a splash, the head disappeared, leaving on the water a line of algae fire.
  • alger 8. Boy Knight, The Henty 9. Brave and Bold Alger , Jr.
  • ali Plowden returned to Abyssinia as consul in 1846. He was well received by Ras Ali , with whom he was a favourite, and he soon after concluded a paper treaty with that prince.
  • alight He took Mr. Bates's arm to assist him to alight , but Mr. Bates had forgotten the White Tower.
  • align "Now, Creamer, take your birds, gun, and one decoy, and align yourself with these oars when you have counted one hundred paces.
  • all That is all you can tell me?
  • allah And the cries, customary with Arabs, resounded: "Allah!"
  • allay The subject of the dance returning to the young girl's thoughts, she began at once to talk of it, and her enthusiastic description of the coming affair served to allay her mother's vague impression that Marjorie was not quite happy, and she entered into the important discussion of what her daughter should wear with that unselfish interest belonging only to a mother.
  • alley Louder and louder it comes along the alley -way, till outside your cabin door it fairly makes you jump!
  • allow Would Lingard himself ever allow her to see the truth, or would the task fall to her-to Athena?
  • alloy He supplied an alloy , the alloy of fancy, or-as he also calls it-of one fact more: this fact being the echo of those past existences awakened within his own.
  • ally "But to get back to you, Ally , you really should meet him.
  • aloe There, gleamed in the twilight the watery face of the oblong fish-pool, with its old-fashioned willows at each corner-there, grey and quaint, was the monastic dial-and there was the long terrace walk, with discoloured and broken vases, now filled with the orange or the aloe , which, in honour of his master's arrival, the gardener had extracted from the dilapidated green-house.
  • aloha He called Aloha and bought a ticket for the 7:10 flight to Kauai.
  • aloud Then she laughed aloud .
  • alp A young Newfoundland dog, living in Glasgow a few years ago, acted, under similar circumstances, very much as Alp did.
  • alpha Hence it was, that they were in common with the Apis and Mneuis styled Alphi, and Alpha : which name was likewise current among the Tyrians, and Sidonians.
  • alt 84 degrees 22 minutes E.; Alt .
  • although Although we were tired on reaching land, we began to build several snow-houses in which to sleep.
  • alum He had the lump of alum firmly grasped between his toes.
  • au To Doggie she said: "Au revoir, monsieur!"
  • aug He was back at Plymouth by late July 1607, and from Plymouth he came on to London in Aug ust.
  • aught Not that Colonel Carvel had ever been aught but courteous and kind to all.
  • awl It's awl right, mate!
  • bligh In 1808 came the Bligh episode, yet to be described.
  • il April and May are also dangerous months, but in a less degree.
  • laugh And he began to laugh .
  • leigh "'Aurora Leigh ,'" said Lionel-not daring, however, to take the dainty volume in his hands.
  • lough The curious custom among early Irish Christians, of retiring for a time to a cave, seems to show the lasting into historical times of the pagan cave-ritual now surviving at Lough Derg only.
  • lu One of the builders was Sal-lu-yud'; he had a son named Tam-bul', and Tam-bul' was the father of a man in Bontoc now some twenty-five years old.
  • slough The dead bone may come off in one piece or slough off gradually at its edges as healing proceeds toward the center of the wound.
  • yalu We are horrified to read of the wars of the French monarchs, caused by the jealous quarrels of mistresses; but in 1905 we saw Russia and Japan go to war and waste a million lives because certain Russian grand dukes had bribed certain Chinese mandarins and obtained concessions of timber on the Yalu River.
  • Ah Of course it had to come-that was what life must bring-but ah!
  • Ugh Ugh, when it begins that way, I thought, how will it end?
  • Allie "Proud ter meet you," roared Allie Bangs, our president, taking off his hat and making a low bow.
  • Eula Eula, when I had ones marked there thynges.
  • UL I'm real bad in here, in my s-o-ul!
  • AOL
  • UH "Uh, huh," he grunted, "wasn't I hiding behind Blount?
  • AAH A bowl or basin represents the sound of neb, a hatchet that of neter, a guitar that of nefer, a crescent that of aah, and so on.
  • ACLU In October this office was raided by Buffalo Police, based on an accusation that a foot patrolman had been threatened with violence, an action that drew protest from the Buffalo ACLU over police use of violence.
  • LAUE Frau Laue was asleep.

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