What is the correct spelling for AMA?

If you meant to type "ama" but misspelled it, here are some possible corrections: "am" or "aima". "Am" could refer to "I am" or the abbreviation of "morning" in the context of time. "Aima" could be a unique name or a combination of words. Remember to double-check spellings to avoid confusion!

Correct spellings for AMA

  • aa
  • AAA I had to call AAA to come jump-start my car.
  • aba
  • ada Ada Lovelace, recognized as the world's first computer programmer, created an algorithm to calculate Bernoulli numbers using Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine.
  • Aha Aha! I found the missing puzzle piece!
  • ala
  • Alma Alma is a name of Latin origin that means "soul" or "spirit".
  • AM I am going to the store later this AM.
  • Ama Ama is a shortened form of the Japanese word "amateur" which means "one who pursues a passion out of love, not for professional reasons."
  • amp Her amp had just slipped out of her fingers.
  • Amt I have an Amt of money saved up.
  • Amy Amy is my favorite singer.
  • ana Ana is an old friend of mine.
  • ara
  • Ava My Ava is the best dog ever.
  • GAMA GAMA is a professional organization for scientists and researchers working in the field of astrophysics.
  • kama It is said that the goddess Kamala laid down her eyes, and from them flowed the three rivers of Kama, G
  • lama He is a lama of the Nepalese religion.
  • ma I think I left my wallet at Ma's house.
  • mama She brought her little mama with her.
  • rama Rama was a hero in Hindu mythology who defeated the demon king Ravana.