What is the correct spelling for AMAGE?

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Correct spellings for AMAGE

  • adage It is probable that he remembered the adage : "Listeners hear no good of themselves."
  • age I keep that and some other things for my old age .
  • algae It will be observed that even aquatic plants and algae though growing in or under water, are nevertheless connected with the earth; so that the phrase, "Let the earth bring forth," is by no means inappropriate.
  • amass To amass is to bring together materials that make a mass, a great bulk or quantity. With some occasional exceptions, accumulate is applied to the more gradual, amass to the more rapid gathering of money or materials, amass referring to the general result or bulk, accumulate to the particular process or rate of gain. We say interest is accumulated (or accumulates) rather than is amass ed; he accumulated a fortune in the course of years; he rapidly amass ed a fortune by shrewd speculations. Goods or money for immediate distribution are said to be collected rather than amass ed. They may be stored up for a longer or shorter time; but to hoard is always with a view of permanent retention, generally selfish. Aggregate is now most commonly used of numbers and amounts; as, the expenses will aggregate a round million.
  • amati For a long time our artist used a fine Guarnerius violin and afterward a Nicholas Amati , which was said to be the finest instrument of this make in the world.
  • amaze Virginia was guilty of vulgarity in her amused amaze .
  • amide
  • amigo "Why, Hickey, my amigo , he says that the place is haunted," laughed Ramon.
  • amok You know, I suppose, when a Malay has committed some crime that makes his pardon hopeless, or when some strong desire for revenge seizes him, he runs Amok -a-muck, as people call it-and then the innocent suffer till he is put out of the way.
  • amuse But the agreeable people, the people who would amuse and interest him, and the people who if dull had, as it were, a right to meet the lion, were asked in their turn to come.
  • awake He won't be awake for a few hours yet.
  • damage By acting promptly I saved the factory from a fire and the room from any serious damage .
  • emerge She thought they must have been in the fodder shed when she lost sight of them, and now she waited breathlessly to see them emerge from the cabin.
  • homage But more delightful to Stas than these marks of humility and homage was the news that Bassa-Narok lay only about thirteen days' distance and that the denizens of the village in which they stopped at times received from that direction salt in exchange for doom-palm wine.
  • image What did you put that image up for, anyway?
  • imago In the majority of Orthoptera, though the presence of wings produces a marked difference between the larva and the imago , the habits are nearly the same throughout life, and consequently the action of external circumstances affects the larva in the same manner as it does the perfect insect.
  • mag St. 4. Wind 1-3. Mag .
  • magi He left the faith of his fathers behind him when he went up to the East, knowing as well as his French historian knew in the nineteenth century, that in Asia the "dreams of Olympus were less worth than the dreams of the Magi and the mysteries of India, pregnant with the divine."
  • make You can make them go.
  • marge But hereafter all shadow on what has happened will be removed, and all will be "clear from marge to marge ;" and the five years of earthly friendship will be the "richest field" in the "eternal landscape."
  • omega I have been renewedly confirmed since being in Paris that our first religious awakening proceeds from the immediate influence of the Spirit on the heart of man, and this is the doctrine preached and maintained by the writings of the truly devoted Christians in this place, who are brought to profess living faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as the Alpha and Omega , the Beginning and the End.
  • osage This was soon overrun by settlers, when another reservation was assigned to them in Indian Territory, near the Osage country.
  • usage It is the man who breaks promises who gets hard usage from the creditors.
  • Imaged The Divine virtues are only faintly imaged in animals which have their uses in the world.
  • Madge She was puzzled to understand what right Madge had to her name.
  • Ama Probably a corruption of the popular term "Kafir," ama being the plural sign.
  • Amado At night wooden shutters, called amado, cover the screens.
  • Amie At one time, no doubt, the house had formed a nest for the petite amie of some rich Parisian, but now the owner of the property was only too glad to sell it at any price, and without asking any but the most perfunctory questions of the man who had offered to buy.
  • images May it be a clear mirror in which our united images are reflected.
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10 words made from the letters AMAGE

  • 3 letter words made from AMAGE:

    aga, age, emg, gem, mag, meg.
  • 5 letter words made from AMAGE:

    agame, agema.
  • 4 letter words made from AMAGE:

    gaea, game.