What is the correct spelling for AMMUSE?

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Correct spellings for AMMUSE

  • abuse She had told him that she did not want his friendship, and would not be his friend; but she had done this without any loud abuse unbecoming to her either as a countess, a widow, or a lady. Somebody gave you a choice And all you do is abuse it If God he gave you a voice Then use it – Lullaby For The New World Order by Matthew Good Band
  • accuse And of all others, the missionaries ought to have been the last to accuse the Chinese of senseless superstitions.
  • alms Instead of that, I had only aroused her compassion, and coaxed an alms from her.
  • amass My deah, you will amass fortunes!
  • amaze How vainly men themselves amaze !
  • amerce
  • amiss
  • ammo
  • amur Only so could Russia develop the resources of Siberia and the Amur Province.
  • amuse
  • amused
  • animus
  • arms
  • arouse
  • bemuse
  • camus
  • iambus It is the opposite of the iambus .
  • immerse
  • immune
  • immure She was not one of those napkin people who hide their talents, or who immure their lights under superincumbent bushels.
  • mauser It contained one solitary inmate, an old man with a couple of Mauser rifles, whom they had to shoot in self-defence.
  • meuse The Estates, however, still held Grave, Megem, Batenburg, and Venlo upon the Meuse .
  • mouse
  • mouser Mouser leaped to the porch railing to lick her lips in an evil manner.
  • mousse
  • mus "The supreme court of justice, whose decisions the king himself has no power to reverse, is composed of priests from Memphis, Heliopolis and Thebes: you can therefore easily believe that they had no scruple in pronouncing sentence of death on poor Mus and my own unworthy Greek self.
  • muse
  • muss Then, when he saw a tear on Ethelyn's eyelashes, he would have put his arm around her and kissed it away, if she had not kept him back, telling him he would muss her dress.
  • use
  • Mammies In a mawnin' dey'd all get up, an de ole daddy he'd go out an' have a look round, an' de ole mammy she'd be busy a-gettin' de breakfas' ready, while little missy Wilhelmina Ratel she'd play about, inside or outside or underfoot, yust like little girls does when deir mammies is busy.
  • Amos
  • Amie
  • Emus The birds are, parrots, cockatoos, and a large one called emus, which have very long legs and scarcely any wings; they in general live upon fern, and weigh from seventy to eighty pounds; there are likewise a number of black swans.
  • aims
  • amazes
  • amuses
  • imbues Heavenly grace Imbues her so throughout, that even when pricked She feels no pain.
  • AMPS
  • MMES
  • ABMS Some major medical organizations gain profit from and have expressed support for the Maintenance of Certification program including the following: The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) The American Medical Association (May soon be changing based upon a resolution voted on from the floor at their June 2016 meeting.
  • MUMS
  • IMUS
  • amides
  • mamas
  • amours
  • alums
  • armies
  • moues
  • agitprops
  • appropriators
  • brocards
  • broilings

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