What is the correct spelling for AMOIRE?

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Correct spellings for AMOIRE

  • admire Then you don't admire his looks, Norah?
  • admirer I am not an admirer of ill-health in any form.
  • adore Perhaps, also, the unfamiliar, wonderful presence of a beautiful and refined young woman, of something to adore , or at least to be jealous and vain of, may have wakened whatever still remained of the gallant and high-spirited Polish nature in this morose and besotten old Stuart.
  • aerie He was in a very eagle's aerie ; the upper rim of Khinian's gorge seemed not more than a quarter of a mile above him.
  • afire The aisle's not afire !
  • airy Light, airy , amusing, sparkling-I tell you it will be the book of the season!"
  • amber The bright day would have a golden ending; already there were amber lights shining calmly on the river.
  • amide
  • amoral Individually, you may not be evil, but collectively, you're the most amoral supervillain I've ever faced."
  • amour I fear the reader will be impatient at having this humble amour so often alluded to; but I confess I am apt to take a great interest in the love troubles of simple girls of this class.
  • ampere Of course part of the time of each cycle the stream is larger than an ampere but for part it is less.
  • amur From this neutral American zone the Bolsheviks organised their forces for attacking the Japanese on the Amur , for destroying British and other supply trains on the Ussurie Railway, and finally exchanged shots with the Russian sentries near Vladivostok itself, always bolting back to the American zone when attacked by the forces of the Supreme Governor.
  • anymore I believe you asked Mr. Carey not to call anymore .
  • are "That is what you are going to do.
  • armor That's better really because that way you don't slip away at all but just put on some modern armor .
  • armored It should be instructive and convincing to the American people to note that when two powerful armored ships of the enemy were thus on their way to attack at one end of the world an admiral and a division that had deserved so well of their country, our whole battle-fleet, properly so called, was employed to maintain off Santiago the proportions which foreign officers, writing long before the conditions arose, had fixed as necessary.
  • armorer "Well, Master Royal Armorer ?
  • armory Besides these, there were a large number of worthy and needy persons whom it is always a pleasure for the good to help; hence, a free-lunch house was opened in the Armory .
  • armour In one chamber of the Hall, just opposite a door which opens upon a dusky passage, there is a full-length portrait of a warrior in armour ; when, on suddenly turning into the passage, I have caught a sight of the portrait, thrown into strong relief by the dark pannelling against which it hangs, I have more than once been startled, as though it were a figure advancing towards me.
  • armoured The distinguished connoisseur and painter whose sketches are here reproduced, has gone back to the Border Country a dozen times and more, always to find there a renewal of his first pleasure and a host of fresh subjects, that form a delightful connecting-link between each to-day and the armoured epochs of the long ago.
  • armourer There comes before the eye a picture of the five grave men-Holbein, his two executors, the one a goldsmith, the other an armourer , and his two witnesses, a "merchaunte" and a "paynter"-hurrying along the plague-infected streets to get this document legalised as some protection for two motherless babies, in the event of their father's death.
  • armoury Upon the walls of the other two sides of the room hung a great number of weapons of various kinds-cutlasses, swords, muskets, dirks, daggers, and pistols, a perfect armoury , all carefully burnished and ready for use.
  • attire This question of night attire , for instance, has never struck me before.
  • eire Save the trees of Ireland for the future men of Ireland on the fair hills of Eire , O. -Europe has its eyes on you, says Lenehan.
  • emigre An air of passionate self-devotion, enhanced by the charms of youth and distinguished manners, made this emigre a graceful image of the French noblesse.
  • emir And let some officers go also and bring hither, if they can find him, Suliman, the nephew of the Emir , who lived in the next house to him."
  • empire They have shared in the general prosperity of the empire .
  • immure Better therefore 'twere, methinks, You should not immure me: Don't you know without my help You can not secure me?
  • ire He entered the army in 1767, but by an amorous intrigue provoked the ire of his father, by whom he was more than once imprisoned.
  • maori Pa: A Maori village.
  • mare Hazel's mare , keen-eyed, alert and full of life, was a picture for the eye of a horseman.
  • mere It is the woman's privilege to bow first if it is a mere acquaintance.
  • mire Many of the hop-poles have fallen, and the long trailing hops lie all tangled in the mire .
  • miro And Miro , what are we going to do with him?
  • miry As she knew that every cent was precious now, she turned back on foot along the miry street.
  • moire She was richly dressed in a robe of black moire , and she wore a cap of point lace; her snowy hair was braided back from a broad white brow; her face was kindly, patient, cheerful; her manner, though somewhat stately, the same.
  • moore What do you mean, Mr. Moore ?
  • more I'll take no more ."
  • ore And here, in addition, the ore has to be put into the rock first in the shape of manure.
  • umpire "Tails," said the umpire , stooping to rescue the coin.
  • Armories "No. Yet I wish we had orders to clear the Park now, while there are comparatively few here, or else to go back to our armories, and let them have their meeting in peace.
  • Marie Perhaps Marie has entered her service and told tales.
  • Mira Fiesso, the Dolo, the Mira , with all their gardens, statues, and palaces, seemed flying after each other, so rapid was our motion.
  • Moira "You don't know a thing about it, Moira .
  • Moro Before the banishment of Jews from Spain took effect, Antonio di Moro , a Jewish peddler of Cordova, flourished as the last of Spanish troubadours, and Rodrigo da Cota, a neo-Christian of Seville, as the first of Spanish dramatists, the supposed author of Celestina, one of the most celebrated of old Spanish dramatic compositions.
  • Amer Of the Royal Amer 'n Regt.
  • Emory You can ask Emory if he'll drive me to the station in the morning.
  • Amie We are of different faiths, mon amie, but you will not mind if I put up a prayer for you sometimes.
  • amours M. le Comte de Stainville's amours or his marriage are no concern of mine.
  • airier If I read fiction, let it be fiction; airier than hard fact.
  • appropriators

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