What is the correct spelling for ANDDID?

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Correct spellings for ANDDID

  • added After which he added: But that boy!
  • addend
  • aeneid The Aeneid supplies ample materials for understanding the affections and convictions of Virgil.
  • aided I was, of course, but too happy to grant so trifling a favour to one who had aided in my preservation.
  • android Android robots, developed by Varney, one of Snyder's scientists, helped greatly in this work, especially one young female android who was a true genius.
  • anode The large lead plate must be the cathode or negative pole, and the anode or positive pole must be a platinum wire, about a millimetre in diameter, and projecting one or two millimetres from the pointed end of a porcelain, glass or other acid-proof insulating tube.
  • antacid These properties are readily understood when we consider that the lime is antacid, the bonga astringent and tonic and the betel aromatic and stimulant.
  • anti The British people had sympathised with the United States in a war which it felt to be, in the last analysis, a part of the necessary police-work of the world; it had applauded in American soldiers and sailors the qualities it was accustomed to admire in its own fighting men; and the British Government, giving ready effect to the instinct of the people, had, at a critical moment, secured a fair field for the United States, and broken up what might have been an embarrassing, though scarcely a very formidable, anti-American intrigue on the part of the Continental Powers.
  • audit His expenditure increased, his income decreased; his rent remained the same, and rent audit came round with the utmost regularity.
  • banded The proud and haughty Spaniard, the fierce-eyed, daring-looking Pole, the pale, intellectual-faced Italian, the courteous Russian, and the fair-haired, stalwart Saxon were all there; and, however dissimilar in type, banded together by the magic influence of the "set" they moved in, to an almost perfect uniformity of sentiment and opinion.
  • bandit Perhaps He whose Name is blessed may meantime have compassion, and that, when your brother the bandit, hears that I, heaven forbid, have left you a grass-widow, he will be touched, his stony heart will soften, and he will perhaps send you a few rubles.
  • candid A candid statement is meant to be true to the real facts and just to all parties; a fair statement is really so. Fair is applied to the conduct; candid is not; as, fair treatment, "a fair field, and no favor." One who is frank has a fearless and unconstrained truthfulness. Honest and ingenuous unite in expressing contempt for deceit. On the other hand, artless, guileless, naive, simple, and unsophisticated express the goodness which comes from want of the knowledge or thought of evil. As truth is not always agreeable or timely, candid and frank have often an objectionable sense; "to be candid with you," "to be perfectly frank," are regarded as sure preludes to something disagreeable. Open and unreserved may imply unstudied truthfulness or defiant recklessness; as, open admiration, open robbery. There may be transparent integrity or transparent fraud. Sincere applies to the feelings, as being all that one's words would imply.
  • candida It is hard to speak too highly of "Candida."
  • candied I like a piece with the candied peel on it, Lady Bell.
  • ended Christ being lifted up, then, meant this, whatever else, that in His death sin was slain, its power to hurt ended.
  • enid "Enid Mardon's perfect," continued Mrs. Shiffney.
  • handed As at last he handed them back to her, he said quietly, You told me a lie just now, Athena.
  • indeed I don't feel I'm good enough for you-indeed, I don't.
  • india Bayworth did speak to me three years ago, before he first went to India.
  • indie Indie, Egypt, Arabie, Asia, Greece, and Tartarie, Carmel-tracts, and Lebanon With the Mountains of the Moon, from whence muddie Nile doth runne, Or whereever else you won; Breathing in one vitall aire, One we are though distant farre.
  • indite In 1897 he became Assistant Secretary of the Navy, holding this position long enough to indite the despatch which took Dewey to Manila.
  • landed When he found her, he knew before he landed.
  • unaided The peasantry, as we have said, are generally quite poor, though many of them now own their little farms, which the want of pecuniary means compels them to work with the most primitive tools; besides which they are entirely unaided by the light of modern agricultural experience.
  • untidy In his own untidy little den at the back of the house he sat for some time deep in thought over the events of the afternoon.
  • untied He untied his parcel and looked again at the late Harrowby's selection in suitings.
  • And You and grandma are so-old-fashioned.
  • Bandied His name was to be bandied in their unclean mouths!
  • Eddied There fell a silence between them, and a hot draught eddied up through the parched compound and rattled the scorched twigs of the creeping rose on the verandah with a desolate sound, as if skeleton hands were feeling along the trellis-work.
  • Endued But, besides this temper of superior hardihood and vigor with which he thus endued his mind, there was this further advantage from this process: that his knowledge was much superior both in quantity and accuracy.
  • Nodded Patty looked round the table eagerly, and Wantele nodded assent.
  • Sanded A door on the left was opened, and Andy saw a sanded floor, and on one side of the room a bar.
  • Undid The last few words almost undid old Mage's stern resolve, but she kept her one idea of saving her young lady from further annoyance in view and answered this appeal: It don't make much difference in this world who you are but it does matter what you are ...
  • Andrei "Andrei Drakoloff," said Youghal; "he's just produced a play that has had a big success in Moscow and is certain to be extremely popular all over Russia.
  • Andy "Them vigilantes sure did it up brown," added Andy.
  • Candide In '65 he wrote some remarkable articles on Monotheism in Le Candide.
  • anted "Uncle Quincy may not have anted up in this matter o' feelin', nor seen his nephew's rise.
  • anodized
  • unlonely

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